Monday, March 15, 2010


Melon Drink intro© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

Shredded Rockmelon Drink (Melon Drink) is always present in our household, chilling in the fridge ready to save us from the heat of Summer every year.  It is already Autumn by the way, here in Brisbane and been raining on and off for 2 weeks now.  Not complaining about the rain as Queensland needs the rain, specially our dams which is by the way, almost reaching the 100% mark (this event haven’t been seen for years now).  But it is still hot because of the high humidity and making ice cold treats makes my days bearable.  Okay, let’s go back to what I’m talking about, the Melon Drink…. in the Philippines the term “melon” is used for the rockmelon and “pakwan” term is used for watermelon but in western countries, “melon” is  used to describe both of them as a general name.  Have I confuse you now?  Hehehehehe…….What I like about this drink is the sugar hit you get and the yummy chilled strands of the rockmelon.  This is also sold as a street refreshment in the Philippines, displayed in clear barrel like jug alongside buko pandan, buko, pineapple, red gulaman and other colourful flavours.  Usually ladled in a clear rectangular plastic bag with a straw, with one hand you hold the plastic bag halfway and sip this chilled drink through the straw to your heart’s content while you walk.

Melon Drink is very cheap and easy to make.  It is also the base recipe for the Melon Ice Candy which will be posted next.  So here is the recipe…..



½ large rockmelon, shredded

1 tspn McCormick Melon Flavor

6 cups (1 1/2 litres) water

½ cup white sugar

*used AUS Measuring Cups & Spoons


Using a soup spoon, scoop the seeds and pulp out of the rockmelon.  Using a metal sieve, gently extract the juice out of the seeds and pulp by squashing with the back of the soup spoon.  Place the extracted juice into the bowl which you will use for the rockmelon strands.

Shredded melon© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

Using your little shredder tool, put a light/medium pressure while you run it along the length of the rockmelon flesh.  Do not dig too deep, the strands should be like fat spaghetti strands.  Stop shredding once you see the green lining of the rockmelon, be careful that you don’t include that green lining.

Mixed melon drink© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

In a large bowl, pour in water, melon flavor and sugar. Stir till the sugar is completely dissolved. Add in the shredded rockmelon and stir a couple of times. Pour in a large jug/pitcher.

Prep melon drink in jugs© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

Refrigerate before serving, stir the contents before pouring in large tall glasses.

Melon Drink last© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010



  • You can buy the handheld shredder and McCormick Melon Flavor in any Filipino Shops.


  1. OMG! I could taste the delightful, refreshing taste of this melon! and I like your banga.. where did you get those... so cute!

  2. I got the Palayok-palayokan (clay pot/stove toy set) from Laoag, Ilocos Norte. They sell them in different colours but my husband and me traced them back to the barrio where they make them and I bought the natural ones.

  3. Hi! I live here in the USA, and I can't find the McCormick Melon Flavor. Please help :). Thank you!

  4. @Marlene~ If you can't find the McCormick Melon Flavor, look in your chinese grocery stores, they might have a similar one but in a plastic round bottle, look at their flavour essence section. There's another way you can solve this, just use a really fragrant (iyong mabango tlaga cyah) rockmelon which indicates that it is sweet and full of flavour and really you don't have to use the Melon Flavor at all. You can use 1 whole rockmelon inside of just half to add more flavour to your drink=) Just adjust your sugar to your taste.


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