Friday, February 25, 2011

Cusinera’s Pandesal making is getting better…


Remember the Notes I left at the end of my post on my Pandesal (Filipino Breakfast Bread Rolls)?  Well, I can’t help myself but follow it up with more pictures….


Here I used a lighter coloured baking tray, no baking paper or greasing.  This time I’ve measured the portions on a 1/4 measuring cup (20-21 pcs.).


Wonderful Pandesal bottoms, if I may say so….I lowered my oven temperature than the recommended degrees and baked for approximately 30 minutes.  I only baked them until they became lightly golden as I freeze Pandesal rolls for further use but if you want a more crusty exterior just bake them longer.


Run a long flat metal spatula under the Pandesal rolls so that the whole batch slides easily from your baking tray to your cooling rack.  I made 3 batches yesterday and this will last for a couple of weeks.


Here, I used freezer bags and a sealing machine to pack my Pandesal Rolls ready for the freezer.  I only defrost what I needed for the day by placing the packet inside my fridge the night before and either lightly toast the rolls under the grill or microwave them for 10-20 seconds.

This Pandesal rolls still maintained its soft texture after been frozen, defrosted and reheated. 


  1. Mmmmm, I'd forgotten how nice crunchy bottoms are :P Nice idea with freezing them, I haven't made pandesal in so long because I'm scared of binging on them! But if I know I'm going to freeze them for later, then I can enjoy them with a little less guilt ;)

  2. You are really getting better at this. Soon you will be adding a title to Cusinera. It will be Cusinera-Panadera! Just kidding. Your pandesal looks good.

  3. @Sefie~ You made me laugh...hehehe! crunchy bottoms=)

    @Ray~ Thank you very much for the compliment, I wouldn't dream to claim the title of a Panadera, LOL! much hard work, I bow to the bakers around the will be Spanish Bread, still thinking what twist will I make for the filling=)

  4. yes it is getting better - the pandesals are perfect!

  5. i didn't know you could freeze them.. but do you think you could mail them? if you could then I'll send you my mailing address haha.

    nice looking pandesal and bottoms haha. i will share this to my friend in twitter, annapet as she made a batch of pandesal that didn't work with her. thanks for sharing.

  6. @Annie~ I never thought I could be this excited making pandesal...hehehe! First ones looks like monay but this one were just right=)

    @Malou~ How I wish I can mail it to you=) I was surprise myself that the pandesal was still good after freezing...definitely a keeper=) The ones we buy here tends to get a bit heavy and chewier when you put it inside the fridge. Thanks for sharing in twitter....if you're my neighbour, extra batch of pandesal for you...LOL!

  7. Wow your pan de sal looks perfect!

  8. Wow your pan de sal looks heavenly!

  9. Hi Cusinera,

    tried your recipe by hand at by mixer, yung by hand, matigas yung result by mixer maganda malambot at pwede pang spanish bread din=) thank sa recipe.more power.

  10. @Anonymous~ it will take awhile if you knead by hand, because you have to make the gluten in dough develops (when you stretch your dough after 1st rest and it have this stringy appearance), if this fails to develop the outcome would be matigas. Glad that your mixer version worked really well, I have this love connection with my saves me from having sore wrists from manual kneading =)

  11. i used to fail big time in making pandesal. trust me, i've tried quite a few recipes already. your recipe is a keeper! my family loves it! we've shared a lot of breakfasts, mid-afternoon and post-dinner snacks with the pandesals i've made using your recipe. bless you for sharing this! right at this moment, i am making a new batch. i've done it countless times but i have to use my cheat sheet every time -- your blog. all the best.

  12. @TishaCM~ Very glad that this pandesal recipe is being enjoyed by families around the world...Thank you very much for your wonderful comment/feedback! It's lovely to read every time the comments and even private emails people leave behind telling me that their effort on making the recipes here are successful and the most joy to me is that families & friends enjoys the end products! Your success is my success =)

  13. thank you very much for your recipe i try the recipe for the first time its perfect, thank you tita and. my God bless you because you share your recipe and ishare this recipe to my sister and she so happy, and when i bake pandesal my husband is so exited.

    1. Super happy that you are sharing the recipe =) More people, the merrier!!!

  14. tried your recipe yesterday...while we were having an ice storm. it was easy and ingredients are pantry available. was happy with the results. My boys (hubby & 2 teen boys) loved them. always liked baking..but stayed away from recipes that uses yeast. Thanks for sharing.


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