Cusinera’s Handheld Mixer died…..

I have been sad for the past couple of days as my old faithful Kambrook handheld mixer died, as I was beating my pancake batter.  Stupid of me really, as it was entirely my fault!  I was scraping the sides of the bowl with a soup spoon and it accidentally caught up between the beaters and one of them fell off.  The plastic tube where you insert the beater broke into pieces.  I took it apart, as I’m like a MacGyver in some lucky occasions but this time it can’t be fixed with dabs of super glue.  Writing my “wants” in my Momofuku’s  Fried Chicken Wings post, I think have totally jinxed me……  Now I’m like a cowboy without a gun.

That little second-hand peach colour handheld mixer (late 70’s~early 80’s model) was only bought for AUD$5.00 in a garage sale, 6 years ago.  It was suppose to be a temporary mixer, but it ended up my favourite kitchen tool.  A couple of times Mr. H told me to buy a newer one but I keep on knocking back buying a new one as I like my treasured bargain helper very much.  Now I’m lost……missing my little kitchen friend a lot =(.

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  1. Hahaha very cute story. I currently have eyes for the Kenwood kMix beaters. I feel lost in the Kitchen without my favourite tools.


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