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Assorted Polvorons© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010



Kulinarya’s theme for the month of April 2010 is POLVORON.



Polvoron (Pulvoron/Pulboron/Pulburon), is a sweet moulded treat that consist of toasted flour, margarine or butter, sugar and powdered milk. The flavours that are on offer nowadays are extensive, to name a few add on ingredients……pinipig (toasted pounded young rice), different nuts, cookies, cereals and Milo.   I’ve seen some pictures of Polvorons that are coated in white or dark chocolate, personally I haven’t tasted those kinds yet but they look delicious!

There are special moulders for Polvorons, this can be bought in any Philippines specialty shops and can be requested from love ones to be brought back from their holidays in the Philippines.  This metal handheld contraption comes in small, medium and large sizes, shapes ranges from oblong, circle, scalloped circle, square and even heart shape tins with an ejector spring handle.

This "two bites sweet" were usually wrapped in different coloured “Papel de Hapon” (Gift Tissue Paper).  In the olden days you will see frills and intricate borders on the twisted ends of the wrapped Polvorons.  Nowadays most people use coloured Cellophane because it’s more durable and margarine/butter stain resistant than the fragile Papel de Hapon.

Originally I was only planning to make just the plain basic recipe but I had the urge to ransacked my pantry cupboard for extra add on ingredients.  I found pistachio nuts, Milo and mini Oreo cookies, so in the end I made 4 kinds of Polvorons.  In this Polvoron post of mine, I will show you 3 stages….assembling, moulding and wrapping, to easily show Polvoron making stage by stage.  I hope by doing this, it will give people more guidance and confidence to try this recipe!


Polvoron Plain Basic Recipe (approx. 1kg)


2 cups plain flour, toasted

1 cup (225g) butter, melted

1 1/3 cup powdered full cream milk

1 1/2 cup white sugar


Flavours~(for 250g polvoron mixture)

2 tbspn Milo or any chocolate drink powder

2 tbspn grounded pistachio

2 tbspn grounded Oreo cookies

*used U.S Measuring Cups & Spoons

Polvoron Ingredients© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010




Top Left: Toast the plain flour  in a large pan over medium heat, keep stirring to prevent burning and cook till light brown.    Set aside and let it cool.

Top Right & Bottom Left:  combine toasted flour, powdered milk and sugar and mix thoroughly.

Bottom Right:  Make a well on the centre of the mixture and pour in the melted cooled butter.

Polvoron Step 5© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010



~  Combine the melted butter well with the dry ingredients.  Make sure you break the lumps while stirring the mixture.




Polvoron Step 6© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010



~  Divide Polvoron mixture (approx. 1kg) into 4x portions (250g each).  Add the flavourings in 3 of the bowls and leave one for plain/original variety.  Stir the flavoured mixtures separately till well combined.





Top Left:  A small oblong metal Polvoron Mould.

Bottom Left:  Press the mould in the Polvoron mixture till you have filled up the cavity, it’s okay that it is overflowing a bit.

Top Right:  On a plate, press the mould to make the mixture more compacted, gently rock it side to side to even out the bottom.

Bottom Right:  Push the ejector handle to release the moulded Polvoron, if it is still sticking to the flat metal plate, gently hold the sides of the Polvoron with your thumb and forefinger and move it a little bit, it will release itself.

~  Place all the moulded polvorons on a flat tray or cookie sheets.

ASSORTED POLVORON FLAVOURS© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010 Clockwise from top left: Original, Milo, Pistachio and Cookies & Cream



Note:  I have a small Polvoron moulder, the size of my cut individual Cellophane wrapper was 11cmx13cm.

POLVORON Wrapping Steps1-4© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

Top Left:  Place the moulded Polvoron on the centre of the Cellophane wrapper.

Bottom Left & Top Right:  Gather the two side of the wrapper on the top of the Polvoron, creating a snug fit and gently fold on the top centre.

Bottom Right:  Fold the ends by overlapping the sides, contour your fold to the curved ends of the Polvoron.

Polvoron Wrapping 5© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010



~  Fold the ends flaps toward the bottom.



Polvoron Wrapping 6© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010




~  Hold both flaps securely on the bottom of the Polvoron.



Polvoron Wrapping 7© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010




~  Seal the flaps with a piece of clear tape.




*  This recipe makes 60 pcs of Polvoron, using a small Polvoron moulder.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wrapped Polvorons© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010


  • Mr. H prefers the Plain and Milo flavoured Polvorons while Miss M likes all of them but Mr Adventurous finds Polvoron kind of weird.
  • Will I make Polvoron again?  Definitely a big YES! and will venture out to other different flavours.
  • I bought a couple of “Papel de Hapon” (Gift Tissue Paper) packets but ended up not using them, the paper wrappers tends to get stained because of the butter in the polvoron and I didn’t like the final look. 


  1. You did such an awesome job. All those brilliant flavours. I want some of yours. I particularly like the pistachio and Milo polvoron. Yummm cheers to another Kulinarya dish.

  2. Three different flavors! How creative! Your detailed instructions are really helpful.

  3. you did an awesome job. The detailed instruction would come in handy! wow you're inspired... with all the flavors you've created here...
    i think i will grab all the MILO polvorons and take them all with me LOL!

  4. Wow, you went to town!! Love your displays.

  5. @everybody~ I love KCC monthly recipes, it challenges me to cook Filipino recipes I haven't done before and improve the ones I've tried and it gives me a push (actually a shove) to try to present it the best way I can, so that we can show the rest of the world that Filipino dishes can be delicious and at the same time attractive visually.

  6. donuts4ever19.4.10

    haha been thinkin about this for quite sometime now! my boys' bday's comin up and will make these just praying though that my local asian shop carries the molder!!!!!!!!!!!!! great job cusinera!!!

  7. Love the pics & you made 4 flavors, I want to try them all! I am sure that molder makes polvoron-making so much easier, can't wait to start a collection. :)

  8. Oh yumm!! can I have one please??

  9. mm the milo one would be my pick! :O)

  10. Okay I am loving the pistachio and the milo polvorons! Such beautiful wrapping you did too - even better than those sold in the stores in the Philippines. You should sell these!

  11. yummy :) cookies & cream polovorn is my fave from Goldilocks.

  12. @donuts4ever~just tell me if you can't find it and I will try to source one for you=)

    @caroline~I told my parents to bring me some different ones back from their holiday in the Philippines as I only have that small moulder=) But won't it be lovely if we can find those old antiques ones that are made out of thicker metal...

    @Asha~wish I can send you some but it might get hold up in customs=)

    @Betty~hehehehhehe seems like most people love the milo version...

    @Trissa~At first I usually give family & friends free taste...once they are hook, that's when I pounce!!!!LOL! I already gave most of the polvorons out last Sunday for the free taste phase *wink*wink* just waiting now...LOL!

    @u8mypinkcookies~ so happy that you drop by=) I love the cakes in Goldilocks...oh you make me miss those yummy cakes ;p

  13. oohh.. the milo and pistachio are great variations. love it.

  14. i love love your blog and all your pics! i made polvoron before but i still need to improve on the taste! what type of milk powder did you use?

  15. it's nice that you made lots of flavors! Ands it's nice that you still have that palayok lutu-lutuan..

  16. Wow, I really like the sound of all of these flavour variations! They sound really intriguing! :D

  17. Wow! I wish I can get that wrapping paper here in Sydney. Hmmm come to think of it, maybe I can I just didn't look hard enough. :) THe polvoron looks fantastic - love the different flavours!

  18. So glad you included instructions for wrapping the polvoron -- I always struggle with this!

  19. wow, your wrapping is perfect.. I love the all the flavors that you made esp. the milo; I love eating milo straight from the can, great idea to use it for polvoron..thanks, can wait to try it :)

  20. @bloggera~ i've used a "sunshine" nestle brand powdered milk. Thanks for visiting=)

    @peachkins~ I have two sets, one is an Ilocano and the other is bought from Navotas...if I have the chance, would love to collect different sets.

    @trisha~ Go to the dollar shops, in gift wrapping section, they're folded not rolled.

    @olive~ glad i found a milo eater too! LOL=)

    @everybody~ thankyou for visiting and leaving comments, your lovely comments are enough for me to be inspired on blogging even more...and encourages me to be more creative!!!

  21. Oh wow yummy looking flavors! I love the step by step photos. Thanks for welcoming me to KCC :)

  22. I will try the different flavors of pulvoron... what brand of milk and butter did you use?

  23. @ria ~ I used the Nestle's Sunshine Brand that I buy in Woolworths and Western Star Butter, the one they sale in blocks wrapped in greaseproof packaging...thanks for visiting :)

  24. I tried yesterday this recipe, milo & cookies n'cream flavors... i made 26 pieces only... i thought i will produce up to 60 pieces...

  25. @ria ~ I made the same recipe again with the small polvoron moulder and still produced around 60pcs but by the end of it, I broke the small oblong moulder :(. My cousin sent me some oblong moulder but it was large oblong ones and it produced around I guess they don't sell uniformed moulds in the Philippines..the measurements of the small polvoron moulder that produced 60pcs was 4.5cm in length/3cm in width and the height of the oblong was 1.5cm, hopes this helps :)

  26. okay... i used pulvoron molder the same as you post in this recipe... anyway, thanks for your recipe, my son like it so much... yummy...!

  27. @ria ~ Ur welcome:) Will try to post some more sweets in the future.

  28. hi! i copied your pictures in this recipe and posted in my FB account. i have 4 flavors, classic (plain), cookies & cream, peanut & pinipig... i sell it @ 5 pesos each... thank you so much, i have a small business now here in cebu, philippines.. please kindly send an email for your more recipes,

  29. @ria~So happy upon hearing that you have started a small business in your area! More power to you :) About using my polvoron pics, ur welcome to use as long as the watermarks are intact and it would be excellent if they are link to this post. Thanks for informing me about the pics :)

  30. . . w3w yummy. .. .

  31. Anonymous23.11.10

    where can i buy moulders? thanks

  32. @Anonymous~ hello, just like to ask where's ur location...if by chance ur in Brisbane, Australia...the shops I've asked around don't sell polvoron moulders. If you have relatives in Philippines, I highly recommend for you to ask them to mail some moulders to you.

  33. Elle R27.5.11

    Hi! Just thought I'd let anyone from Brisbane, Australia know; you can now purchase small Polvoron moulders from 'Best Friends' Filipino grocery in the Valley. $6 per piece, but hey, when you're desparate for polvoron ;D

    Thank you so much tita for doing this blog, I'm going to throw a big fiesta for filo independence day, and many of your dishes will be served!

  34. @Elle R~ thanks for the tip that Best Friends are now stocking Polvoron moulders=) Wow, what a compliment..hope you all have a wonderful gathering=)

  35. Anonymous5.10.11

    hi! Do you know how long the pulvoron will last from the moment it is produced? tnx!

  36. @Anonymous~ I give it a 2 week period shelf life=)

  37. Anonymous22.1.12

    Where can we buy a cellophane wrapper? Those polvorons looks yummy! thank you for sharing!

  38. @Anonymous~ Here in Australia, you can find cellophane in Arts & Crafts Stores or those cheap dollar shops in their gift wrapping section.

  39. Hi I tried making some pulvoron. but my problem is that everytime I try to rap them, they break. :( what should I do?

    1. yes, I agree -- add a little melted cooled butter. Then try to refrigerate it for few hours so it the wrapper won't get crinkled and it is easier to mould the polvoron. It gets firm and easy to hold. Just be delicate when you handle and wrap them.

  40. @Jaikosh~ try adding a little more melted cooled butter, mix it well and try molding one for trial, I compact my polvoron mix inside the molder really well against a flat surface eg. chopping board or plate. When it comes to wrapping, it needs a bit of gentle handling. If you notice in my pics, the wrapper hugs the moulded polvoron, I only get to touch it when I folded the sides and put tape on the back. Try putting it in the fridge for a couple of minutes before wrapping, that might help =)

  41. Anonymous25.6.12

    Great recipe with easy to follow instructions!

  42. Ani J.26.2.13

    Thank for the recipe sis it really help me during christmas season... Miss u hope to see u soon...

    1. Your welcome sweetie...glad you find this recipe useful =)

  43. Hi may I know where can I buy a heart shaped molder here in the Philippines?

    1. I don't have a clue, sorry as am based in Brisbane, Australia. Last time I was there all I saw was the oval shaped ones. I've only seen the different shapes ones in Google Images.

  44. Hello po, nagtry po ako mgbusiness ng polvoron, and so far sobrang laki po ang balik ng pera... ask ko lang po if ireref ko po b yun polvoron mas msgtatagal p po b shelf life nya? Kasi po sobrang pagod like ako po nakakaubos ako ng 250 pieces oolvoron a day kaya ayun po sobrang pagod kaya po gusto ko sna gumawa ng minsanan.,, hindi po b mgbabago yun lasa psg mtgal sa ref like 2 or 3 days....?

    1. So happy for you na profitable ang pag pupolvoron mo =) Why not try mo mag lagay nang mga 5 pieces sa ref, place a kitchen fabric towel inside a plastic container then carefully arrange your polvorons, fold mo yong towel sa top so that no moisture will accumulate...then seal tightly with the lid. Experiment mo yong days mo 2-3-5 days storage and taste one each marked day. See if nag crinkle yong wrapper....cellophane crinkles when it absorbs moisture. I hope my suggestions helps....

  45. how many pieces can you make, out of this recipe?

    1. before the last picture it said it will make 60pcs using a small oblong polvoron molder.

  46. great job on making a variety of flavors. But there are endless possibilities of making a variety of flavors, Here are some that I have tried:
    Any nuts: 2 tablespoons nuts, finely ground (pistachios, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pecans, walnuts, etc.)
    Cookies: 2 tablespoons finely ground cookies preferably 5 to 6 cookies
    Mayan Hot Chocolate: 2 tablespoons of Dark chocolate powder, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon ancho chile powder
    Cinnamon Chocolate Cayenne: 2 tablespoon of Milk Chocolate powder, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon cayenne powder
    Matcha green tea: 2 tablespoons matcha green tea
    Chai tea latte : 2 tablespoons chai tea latte mix
    Mocha: 2 tablespoon cocoa powder and 1 T. instant coffee or espresso powder
    Coffee/ Espresso: 2 Tablespoons of instant coffee/ espresso powder
    Fresh Chunky fruits: 1/4 cup fresh finely chopped fruits
    Buko Pandan: 2 Tablespoons pandan flavoring and 1/4 cup nata de coco or macapuno,finely chopped
    Ube Macapuno: 2 tablespoons ube powder and 1/4 cup nata de coco or macapuno, finely chopped
    Mint chocolate: 2 Tablespoons of peppermint hot cocoa mix
    Pinipig: 1/4 cup toasted green or white rice flakes. This is usually found in Vietnamese or Asian grocery stores overseas. They call it Com Dep - Green Rice flakes. It is also found in Indian groceries too.
    You can also use gift tissue paper, or sometimes called Papel de Hapon in the Philippines. The trick is to refrigerate the polvoron for a few hours as the mixture will become firm and easier to shape. It won't stain when wrapping in this type of paper or any confectionery's wrapper that is paper based. Another tip is to use silicone ice cube trays or chocolate moulds for fun shapes and sizes.

    1. your suggestion of polvoron varieties =)

  47. This is fab! Thanks for sharing!


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