With a pinch of salt…….

I have to post this….my first ever negative comment, need to print and frame this actually…

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "FILIPINO EGGPLANT OMELETTE (Tortang Talong)":
I've looked at all the recipes in this forum and they are all wrong. It may look good and taste ok but wrong. Just this tortang talong recipe for example...the talong are all destroyed even before it was fried! Here's a simple,tasty and correct way.
1. boil or grill Talong. Peel the skin off, flatten with fork and set aside.
2. in a pan with a little oil, cook minced garlic, onion and chopped tomato. Add ground pork. Add salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.
3. in a cup or bowl, beat one egg. dip the flattened talong and fry. Flip it and add the ground pork mixture on top and pour over the left over beaten egg. With a spoon, take some of the hot oil in the frying pan and pour over 'til golden brown.
Repeat process for the rest of the egg plants.

I even make the pork mixture days in advance kept in the fridge so i can make it whenever i have fresh talong. Enjoy!

Cusinera’s reply to “Anonymous”:

First of all, Busog! Sarap! is a food blog not a forum.  I’m truly sorry if my recipes are not up to  your standards and in your view my recipes are all wrong.  You might belong to a “few” (just you actually) as my regular commenters and people who emails me leave positive feedbacks about the recipes in Busog! Sarap! that they have tried so far.  Other food bloggers even linked to my recipes (cooked it) and I personally haven’t received any negative feedback about it.  There are some who even included my Polvoron recipe to their home based hobby business which I find fantastic!

I do this food blogging as a hobby and I try my very best to show good presentation and easy to follow steps for people who doesn’t know where to start in regards to cooking…..I post recipes that I actually cooked and tasted….as you can see in my pictures, I do step to step procedures…I even tell if that certain recipe needs more tinkering in the future to make it better.  I rave about something when it is really good….  So don’t generalize all my recipes and tell me they are all wrong!

Busog! Sarap! is always open to suggestions and if you look at some of my recipes, I’ve always post people comments and indicates how thankful I am to whoever leaves advises and tips to make the recipes better.

What is so wrong with Cusinera’s FILIPINO EGGPLANT OMELETTE (Tortang Talong) ?

“Anonymous”, the only difference with our steps was the stage where you make the eggplant as a omelette.  “Different strokes for different folks” as I rightly put it and you (Anonymous) should in particular, respect that!

”3. in a cup or bowl, beat one egg. dip the flattened talong and fry. Flip it and add the ground pork mixture on top and pour over the left over beaten egg. With a spoon, take some of the hot oil in the frying pan and pour over 'til golden brown.
Repeat process for the rest of the egg plants.”

To tell you straight “Anonymous” with your style, your eggplant omelette will tend to get too overcooked,  if you’re scooping hot oil to further cook your topping, that means your pan is very hot and you are using a lot of oil.  I don’t recommend cooking the first side and flipping it over and placing topping+beaten egg mixture on the cooked side and scooping hot oil till it is cooked.  The outcome will be greasy and the toppings will have the tendency to slide out because the base is already cooked in the first place.

If you look at Busog! Sarap! pics on Tortang Talong, there’s hardly any oil on the pan because I prefer mine not drowning in oil…Anonymous, if you prefer to drink oil with your Tortang Talong you are so free to do so willingly, I’m not going to stop you!

And PLEASE next time you leave a comment…don’t use “Anonymous”, instead use your name and email or even better your blog attached to it, so that I can visit and read all your fantastic and correct recipes for me to try out…


  1. rosie1.1.11


    I'm not the 'anonymous' who posted the previous comment, but I'd just like to say that don't be too offended with comments you don't want to hear. Not everything we post in food blogs are going to be deemed perfect by you and by all. Perhaps the positive comments are there because people just want to be nice. The so-called "negatives" should be seen as constructive ones and not negatives. People can comment either way.

  2. @rosie~ I know.....I should have a tougher skin when dealing with this kind of comments. But for her/him to say that all featured recipes in here are all wrong, I find it a bit off. It's like visiting somebody's're entertained and feed, and once you're out of the house, you'll leave a nasty remark to the host that everything is not up to your standards and nothing was good enough, that's just plain rude to me. Thank you for your comment, I do agree on what you are saying that people can comment either way and I got the right also to react the way I did, which I did=) What I deem to be constructive ones are the ones who suggest alternative ingredients or methods to make the recipes better but putting somebody recipes down first and then suggesting something...that is the part I'm really off about.

    Rosie, I do really appreciate your comment/opinion on this matter, some people might be afraid to leave a comment on this topic as it is considered to be a touchy subject, but you did!

    I'm only human, I've reacted the way that came naturally to me...if I didn't then I won't be true to myself. If I've reacted to that comment with just a polite reply then might as well for me to grab a hammer and smash one of my big toes to remind myself to keep it real=)

  3. gaita2.1.11

    for all the hard work in maintaining a food blog and for those of us living abroad, for keeping us informed and "in touch" with the Pinoy community through these blogs...more power to you...say whatever you want to say, vent whatever you want to is your right specially to people who carelessly generalize like "anonymous". You must have felt so tired after she generalized that "all" your recipes are wrong. So if you have to let off steam...go ahead...we support you...looking forward to reading more of your culinary adventures! Salamat and Mabuhay

  4. @gaita~ thank you very much for your support, you're the kind of people that inspire me to foodie post =) *HUGS*

  5. donuts4ever4.1.11

    your blog is one of my official go to's whenever im stuck with no idea what to cook for my own tribe for the next day/meal...u said it, different strokes for different folks. well, obviously it works for you so why not di ba? no two online recipes will be the same so to generalize like that is a bit too harsh. from observation, u have been pretty honest about what you think went wrong, open for suggestions, gave credits to where its due.. ok lang yan. keep 'em recipes comin!

  6. @donuts4ever~ Merry Xmas and New Year, it's been awhile now since I've bumped in u here in www., missed your crazy comments..LOL! So how's your leche flan saga? Oks na ba?


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