Monday, January 24, 2011

ROAST CHICKEN (with Bacon, Apple & Onion Stuffing)


This Roast Chicken (with Bacon, Apple & Onion Stuffing) was taught to me by my TAFE teacher ages ago (when MC Hammer was still cool!).  I love the stuffing as it is not too salty and the combination of diced apples and bacon makes it so good=)  The last time I’ve cooked this was when I still lived with my parents and that’s about 10+ years ago.  So when Christmas came up, I’ve searched my scribbles and luckily found my old tattered first recipe book.

What I remember Chef Gary told us as a group while showing us how this roast chicken was done…..was, cooking the diced onion makes it sweeter.  Coating the chicken with paprika and salt adds colour and flavour to the skin.  Sealing the chicken in the frying pan locks in the moisture inside and yes, he also showed us how to truss a chicken properly but like I said in my previous posts I prefer my “hog tied” version as the wings doesn’t flap out from its position.

But what I don’t remember was the amount of smoke coming out of the oven due to our kitchen lacking an exhaust hood.  Our fire alarms were chiming away during Christmas afternoon with Miss M and Mr. Adventurous fanning madly with kitchen towels along our corridor leading to our bedrooms.  The aftermath of roasting a chicken inside my oven *shock~horror*….I still need to clean it properly=(  I should cook more roast to get use to the mess again, hehehehehe!  Nando’s, Red Rooster and Oporto’s are so easily accessible from where we live that I haven’t bothered to cook homemade roast chickens until last Christmas dinner.  But I have to record this for my children’s cooking future reference….I don’t want this recipe to be just an old scribbled page in my tattered recipe book, lost and forgotten.

So here’s the final instalment of my Roast Chicken (with Bacon, Apple and Onion Stuffing) chapters……..


Roast Chicken (with Bacon, Apple and Onion Stuffing)


Bacon, Apple and Onion Stuffing

2x Trussed Stuffed Chickens

grounded paprika

coarse table salt

3-4 tablespoon of canola oil



~  Preheat your oven to 190C.


~  Rub a good amount of salt and paprika outside your trussed chickens.


~  Heat your canola oil in a large non stick pan in medium-high heat.  Place your chickens onto the pan one at a time.  Make sure your seal all the sides of the whole chicken, leave the chicken 10 seconds on each turn to lightly brown.  Once done place your chickens into your large roasting pan breast up.  Pour the remaining oil from the pan over the chickens.

~  Roast the chickens for approximately 1 1/2 hours and occasionally scoop the oil from the draining tray and spread on top of the chickens.  If you want to have a crispier skin and more browning, on the last 10-15 minutes of cooking time, increase your oven temperature to 230C. 


~  To test if your chickens are done, pierce the thickest part of the thigh with a skewer to see if the juice that comes out is clear, if it is still pink that means it is not done yet.  Once you have taken the chickens out of the oven, cover with foil and let it rest for 15-20 minutes for the juices to settle down before untrussing and carving or cutting it into portions.

BEST WITH:  Steamed or Roast Vegetables, Salads, Gravy *I need to find a good recipe=), Fluffy Mashed Potatoes and if you got leftover chicken the next day, why not make some chicken sandwiches!


  • I usually cut our chickens into portion pieces with either a good knife or even with my trusty kitchen scissors.
  • In regards to the cooked stuffing, I extract it whole and slice it up and arrange it with the chicken portions on a large serving platter.
  • Your roasting pan should be compose of a deep pan with a grill insert where you position your chicken on top so that it doesn’t sit on its own liquid drippings. 


  1. Wow ate... I've been looking for a good roasted chicken recipe for my nuwave oven. I-try ko toh then i'll let you know.. Sipag mo mag post ha.. Thanks for sharing

  2. @Roland~ You're welcome insan! Hope you like it when you try it=)

  3. i tried it and the stuffing was heavenly! thank you and more power to your blog :)


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