What dish do you want to learn to cook?

I’m sitting here at the moment with used up fast broadband credit time and it’s such a pain waiting for a full page to download when you are put in a snail pace internet connection.  Who’s fault it is, you might ask?  I’ll point at the YouTube addict (aka Mr. H) who has been watching funny bloopers for the past couple of weeks.  Oh well, that’s life!

So, to make this time useful….I have two foodie questions to ask, one is already indicated in my title post.  What dish do you want to learn to cook and why?  and the other is…What makes this dish stands out from the rest?

This is also a good opportunity for you my foodie bloggerista readers to introduce yourself and let Cusinera knows who’s who...

BTW, to one of my Anonymous readers….I haven’t forgotten about the Carioca request that I have promised last year,  it’s is imprinted in my brain but time sure do fly fast!  From all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, March 2011 is already ending and April is already creeping up!  OMG….Cusinera have to get her act together in the kitchen=P


  1. I would love to learn how to make Brazo de Mercedes, a dessert that's both light (from the meringue) and creamy (from the custard filling).

  2. @Annie~ Yum! I haven't tried making Brazo de Mercedes also, ....One I would love to learn would be Turrones de Casuy, cashew nougat rolled like cigars wrapped individually in rice paper (ostiya)=)

  3. I know the cable internet is so crappy for weeks now; I hope they'll fix it already.

    Anyways, Iwould love to learn how to make hopia monggo! It's my family's current addiction, we can't get enough of it :)

    .I haven't made brao de Mercedez too and I love turrones de Casuy..I bet that's very hard to make at home just like hopia, huh!

  4. @Olive~ Talking about hopia monggo, I love the ube version that I buy in the Filo shop=) I got a hopia recipe that I've printed about 3 years ago from the net....and still in "my to do" folder. I should make a list to remember all this wonderful recipes to try out....

    I just recently made Bopis, I thought it would be that difficult but it was not=) We have say to ourselves, Olive....nothing is to difficult if we put our mind to it but with me my tendency is more like run to the hills! That's how I feel about trying out Macarons=) hahahahaha!

  5. Yes, I would like to learn the dishes mentioned above, as well as Sans Rival. I am also trying to crack the code on this super secret mocha cake recipe that my mother's friends make and refuses to tell me how. I made your mamon recipe as a start, but it's not the same. On another note, I have recently delved into Belgian yeast-leavened waffle making. I had no idea there were so many different types of waffles!

  6. @Ninette~ Oooh...Sans Rival that's a good one to learn! Super secret mocha cake so super intrigue=) That sound so good!

    I was eyeing a Belgian waffle maker in Ebay recently but the machine is a bit expensive, I don't like the thin waffle maker that is available here in Brissy. I've seen Belgian yeast-leavened waffle pics in the net and they look scrumptious=)

  7. tonito3.4.11

    I want to learn how to cook Menudo because it is one of my favorite "ulams".

  8. @tonito~ Nice knowing your name=) and don't you worry will include Menudo on my list for future posting=)

  9. I'd like to know the secret to crispy pata. I've tried two different recipes and failed on both.:)

  10. @Oggi~ Crispy Pata, in my personal experience is kind of a hit and miss...sometimes, it's overcook or the skin is not crispy enough=(

  11. Anonymous5.2.12

    I'd like to learn how to cook dinuguan.



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