Mind your manners when you Foodie Blog…..

I had the urge to post this topic today as I’ve recently read an incident of “Frankenstein” recipe from my fellow KCC sister.  I’ll call this “Frankenstein” foodie blog syndrome as the Foodie Blogger (does this person have the right to be called this?), attach somebody else’s recipe, tweaked it to be kind of different and then pasted pictures that doesn’t really reflect the said recipe.  What’s worst about it, is that she didn’t even gave credit to the people she scraped the bits and pieces.  I rate this kind, 99% losers because they change some words and add extra ingredients to make it kind of different.

Another worst kind of a wannabe Foodie Blogger is the serial scrapper, who lifts and steal entire post and pictures and pretend it’s his/her own.  This kind are the 100% losers….the worst kind! 

99% or 100%, I think they both belong to the bottom feeders…parasites who prey’s on other people’s creativity.

Before I made Busog! Sarap!, I had read  most of the rules and regulation I could find on the web about blogging.  So this bottom feeders cannot justify their actions that they are not aware of what they are doing, if they can surf and steal….they can Google, ethics in Blogging.  Come on…if you are old enough to drink, drive, work and have a family or even be retired….so you should know better!

For people who are interested in Foodie Blogging, here are some of my own personal Foodie Blogging Rules & Tips that I follow:


Cusinera’s Foodie Blogging Rules & Tips:

  • When you want to use a picture of other Food Bloggers or any other sites, ask their permission first.  Read their rules and regulations carefully when it comes to their contents.  You should LINK!!! 
  • Lifting contents and pasting it to your Blog is a big NO! NO!, if you want to start your own Foodie Blog you should have the passion and heart to make it as your own.  If you’re just interested in making money in your ads….forget it!  We’ll find you soon enough!
  • Give credit when it’s due, link the Foodie Blogger to your post that inspired your creation.  If you followed a cookbook, magazine or newspaper clippings, mention it also.  You can use “adapted from”, “inspired by” and “sourced from”.
  • When I like other bloggers recipe or a cookbook recipe…I would read it carefully and cook it.  Once I’ve finished cooking the dish, I then write down how I did it myself… there’s no excuse to copy and paste….God gave you brain, use it!
  • If you want to post recipes, make sure you have tested and cooked it yourself.  One thing that irks me as a blog reader is wasting ingredients after trying out a certain recipe because some idiot just felt like posting a useless recipe.
  • Don’t leave out ingredients that is essential to the recipe.  I don’t understand this mentality….Why have a Food Blog in the first place?  Why post a recipe when you’re not willing to share it 100%?
  • Every time I post a recipe or just a general babble….I always ask myself….is it useful to my readers….I always put myself as a blog reader….is my recipe easy enough to understandwhat alternative ingredients that can be use…..what can I do next time I cook that certain dish to further improve it?
  • You won’t die…taking a picture of your own dish and using it, instead of using others.  It adds to your credibility, and that my friend is a precious trait.  You can use your mobile phone to take pictures if you can’t afford a digital camera….as long you made the dish, that’s all that matters in my opinion.  It might not be as pretty as the others but you own it and you should be proud of what you made.
  • If you want to keep some of your recipes for private use…that’s is fine but don’t replace it with another recipe and declare it that’s your secret recipe, that’s is just plain lying.  Post recipes that you can freely share and most importantly, they should work!


So, to end this Foodie Blogging rants of mine,  I’ll leave you with a summary of this post…..Foodie Blog with your heart, have passion in what you put in your blog, post what you’ve cooked personally and most important of all, don’t steal other peoples pictures and contents.  I feel sorry for the followers of this kind of blogs who scrapes other people’s creative hard work, they’re just being fooled!

If you happen to find copycats while you’re blog hopping, please contact the original source of the pictures or contents and give them the Url addresses of the culprits…..We should not tolerate plagiarism!  We should not follow fake foodie bloggers!


  1. Oh my god, I am impressed Althea! (taray ni ate, hahaha) You posted this blog with conviction and I agree 100%, I love it!!! Good job!

  2. @Ray~ LOL...Thankyou, but to tell you the truth surprise ako...looking at it the next day, am amaze that I can write this long and in english, hehehehehe! One of my New Year Resolution is to speak more what's on my mind instead of being quiet lang.

    You know that person is still ignoring msgs from the food bloggers who she stole from....thick face as in!

  3. Oh I just read that on her blog. It is so sad.

  4. Thanks Cusinera for this post. I am also one of the victim ng mga food blogger na ito na gusto lang kumita at the expense of other blogger. Bukod kasi sa mga picture, as in pati yung buong article at recipe ay kinopya din. Wala naman problema kung kopyahin, pero bigyan naman sana ng credit yung pinagkopyahan. Ayun sa awa ng Diyos, napa-close na yung blog site niya sa tulong ng iba pang food blogger at google.



  5. @Dennis~ Thank you for visiting=) I still cannot comprehend iyong ugali nila to be so brazen about scrapping other people's pictures/contents without feeling guilty about it! I mean it's okey if unintentionally they copied and paste one post/picture on their blog (and upon request they fixed it up ASAP) but to fill their blog's up with other people's contents and "dedma" lang even ni-warning na! Kapal!!!!

    So glad to hear that your scrapper got taken down=)

  6. i have been a victim twice (malas lang nila and i saw them using my shots, while i was bloghopping. lol); i really don't know why some people do that...ano nalang kaya ugali nila in real life! :(

    hi, thanks for following Picture Clusters. a pleasure following you back. :)

  7. Report mo sa Google Cusinera. Ganyan ang ginawa namin with captured screen shots from the original at yung screen shots nung nangopya.

    Matanong ko..... ano yung site na sinasabi mo?

  8. @Dennis~ iyong kinopyahan niya is my fellow KCC sis...ito iyong link niya about this person:

    She also copied from

    If any of you would like to check if ni-scrap niya your contents...ito link niya:

    @Maiylah~ Oo nga...imagine nga ugali nila sa totoong buhay=( Maybe they have this false of thinking na invisible sila sa web...

    Love your pics ang ganda nang style mo=)

  9. Yay Althea! I agree completely and thank you for this post.:)

    Her post is still up and my comments are still awaiting moderation...which I think she'll keep ignoring. A large chunk of her post came from another blogger who bought machang and described it on her blog. Frankenstein talaga ang post nya.

    As for reporting, I already have a screen capture but I don't know how to report it.

    BTW, something positive came out of this incident. I started googling for machang recipe and cooked up a better version adapting a Chinese zongzi recipe.:)

  10. @Oggi~ Ay naku! Alang anuman ano=) I don't agree with this practice tlaga. If I can post with my own words with links and I consider my English as in "pasang awa"=P This people got no reason to steal other blogs contents and to think they establish themselves in the web with lots of accomplishments in their "about me" page.....

    You can msg Dennis on how he did the reporting with screen capture=) I bet he'll be glad to help you out=)

    You go Oggi!!! Will be waiting for your updated version of the machang=)

  11. Here here! People that pinch ideas and claim them as their own without attributing it are lazy and annoying :(

  12. @Lorraine~ So true...they don't want to do the hard work=(

  13. I tried visiting the link and she removed it already. I have a feeling that most of her posts are copied - have you seen the way she writes when she was posting about visiting the wet market for the first time (broken english) compared to some of her posts that has perfect english? Hmmm I'm really skeptical! Anyway kudos to you for posting this honest entry - so true! I just hope the plagiarism stops... it just makes a foodblogger not want to post any more recipes! Argh!

  14. Here! Here! Excellent post!

    And btw, would you mind if I copy and paste it then post it on my blog with a few minor tweaks? Oh, and can I use your picture instead of mine, as well? I'm sure you are much better looking than me... :-)

    Seriously, though. Good stuff. Take care.

  15. @Trisha~ She's one crazy.....a tough nut who thinks everybody's like her, a nitwit! It is disheartening when you hear this kind of practices in the web, sometimes I ask myself too, is it worth it? But then I get comments and emails from wonderful people...and that makes it worth while=)

    @Warren Caterson~ Owww..thankyou for visiting!
    You made me laugh...why would you want 2 naked kewpies and 2 fruity kewpies as your picture...hehehehehe! Your pic looks fine to me...What a wonderful blog you have and I'll be on the lookout here in Australia for your cookbook=)

  16. I agree with you Dennis. There are so many bloggers out there who uses other blogger's articles just to write something on their blog. It is very insulting to the person who wrote it. I hope this would end soon.

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  19. Thanks for posting these helpful tips on how to blog properly, scraping and all that is relevant to us today. Hope to see more of your posts soon. All the best to you!


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