Sisterly Love….Pierre Hermé Macarons


Thanks to my sister, I’ve finally tasted some genuine Macarons all the way from Paris.  When I found out 2 weeks ago that she was going there for a week, the foodie light bulb in my head lit up and  in bright neon lights spelled M-A-C-A-R-O-N-S.  I told her, even just one Macaron wrapped up in shrivelled serviette would make me happy.  She rang me midway from her Paris adventure and gushed about her first taste of Pierre Hermé Macarons…..better then the ones she has tasted in the City (Brisbane)….melt in your mouth and not sickening sweet but she was concern on how to transport some back as the freshness of the Macarons only last for a couple of hours.  I told her even it’s in a total crumbled state I’ll still eat it….hehehehe!

But you know what, I was totally surprised upon receiving the paper bag with the little menu circular list, serviette and 3 gorgeous Macarons.  She took such care on transporting them that I can feel her love for me.  If you read some of my foodie post, I love receiving things that I’m interested in or can be usable in the kitchen…it can be a stainless bowl, a wooden ladle or something I haven’t eaten yet.  The act of even collecting the serviette and including it for her “Ate” (Big Sister) means a lot to me, she knows it will be an added prop for my picture taking.  Like to say big THANK YOU, Sis…love the “pasalubong” (gifts from your travels). 


So, let’s get back to the Macarons,  in the packet I got 2x Infiniment Caramel (Caramel au Beurre Salé) and 1x Mogador (Chocolat au Lait & Fruit de la Passion).  The taste….totally different from the ones (locally) I’ve tasted so far.  The outside shell is thin and once you took a bite, it gives way to a soft “melt in your mouth” inner layer…the grounded almond meal is very fine compare to the ones I’ve tasted before that are made here in Brisbane.  I find the Paris version not overly sweet and the Passionfruit Ganache filling have that tartness that adult tastebuds would love.  The Salted Caramel Buttercream filling was sweet but not sickening sweet with a hint of saltiness.  But bear in mind that this is coming from an amateur taster’s (Cusinera) opinion, I’m not claiming to be an expert in Macarons.

The conclusion…..I definitely love the Paris version of Macarons and with this Macaron taste experience now I know what to look for (texture and sweetness wise), once I start my Macaron Adventure (don’t know when, LOL!)…..still waiting for my Silpats to arrive=)


  1. I haven't had any Pierre Herme Macarons but the lesser versions that I've tried are purely a bite of heaven. I told my hubby that if he ever gets a chance to go to Paris he needs to bring me home some.

  2. @Rowena~ So far the ones I've tasted around my area is too meringue sweet types for me with rough almond meal...I know there might be some places hidden here in Brissy that I haven't discovered yet=) Glad you have tried some versions that are heaven bites=) I still have to find some here locally=) Oh yes! definitely..ur hubby have to get you some!

  3. I have tasted macarons from Paris courtesy of my SIL, it was cloyingly sweet! She bought it from Laduree.. I wished I've known about Pierre Herme and could have told her about it, oh well. Can I have some of yours?! LOL

  4. Olive~ I'm not a fan of "too sweet", but the Pierre Herme's Macaroons sweetness was okey to me from the two flavours I've tasted....Wish you were next to me when I was nibbling on them, hehehehe! I love sharing my food=)


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