Busog! Sarap! is 2 yrs old now……


Wow, can’t believe that it has been 2 years now since Busog! Sarap! started…. but to tell you the truth, if you’re finding my posts/recipes useful…I’ve also learned so much during this 2 years span.  From a point and shoot camera to getting a proper dslr camera for taking pictures.  Answering queries from comments and emails from Busog! Sarap! followers…being invited to foodie events here in Brisbane, which by the way I’ve missed most of them as I have something unexpected “going on” this year.  Don’t worry you’ll soon find out by next month=)

But what a journey!  During my first 2-3 months, I was already jumping for joy when my views were 50 a day and receiving my first comments from people I didn’t know.  I remember chasing Mr. H with my bear hugs (almost strangling him) every time my viewing numbers rise up.  Don’t be alarmed, he appreciates my weirdness which is what I love about him.  But the best feeling that never disappears and would never change is the warm fuzzy feeling and excitement I feel every time somebody leaves a comment that one of my tried recipes works wonders for them and how their family/friends enjoys their creation.

I’ve have encountered so many wonderful and supportive people through this blog of mine and even though most of you I haven’t met in person, we are connected to one similar passion….food/cooking/eating.  So, thank you for following this little blog of mine and please tell your friends about Busog! Sarap!  Spread the word (actually its two words, hehehehe)…….more years to come, I’d say!


  1. Congratulations! Are you cooking/baking something special for this occasion?

  2. Happy Birthday and 2nd Anniversary of Busog Sarap, Thea!!. You are my first friend in Kulinarya that commented on my non-Kulinarya post. I am always gonna be your FAN! Yes, more years for your blog my friend!

    ~ ray ~

  3. Happy blog birthday! :D Many happy returns!

  4. Was it all those hugging that caused the "unexpected" news? Anyways, congratulations on both fronts! Keep it up... we need more of us in the area!

  5. @nadia~ wish I did cook something special but at the moment the weather here in Brisbane is too hot to do anything=(
    @Ray~ Thanks my friend for the support=) I love your blog too....if ever I win lotto will visit you, hehehehe! para makikain=)
    @Sefie~ thanks for the greetings, love your foodie adventures, wish I can go to the places you've been to lately=)
    @Beancounter~ Bwahahahahahaha! you made me laugh so hard! I totally agree, there should be more of us in Brissy!

  6. Happy 2nd Anniversary to Busog Sarap, Congratulations!!!

  7. Kudos to a foodie like me! Many great blogging years ahead!

  8. Anonymous30.11.11

    Happy Birthday Busog Sarap. May you have many many more years of blogging and posting recipe's.

  9. visiting with a smile. congrats sayo!

  10. Jhoy6.1.12


    Recently moved from Brisbane from Cebu and I stumbled upon your blog through your comments on Market Manila's sausage article. Finally, a food blog that suits to my taste!

  11. Congratulations! Kudos to a foodie like you who never gets tired in updating us with gastronomic delights! I'm always up searching for new areas to dine in and your "Eating Out of Brisbane" category are providing me with some useful infos. I'm hyped finding good deals in Brisbane so I'm happy to find your blog. :D---

  12. Hello there!! I'm just wondering why you haven't been posting. I check everyday to see if you have a new post or a new delicious recipe and beautiful pictures to share...I hope you're doing just fine and everything is well with you and yours.

    God bless...


  13. @Marlene~ Sorry for the lack of posts, at the moment I'm still adjusting on taking care of our newest addition in our TRIBE=) My Bunsoy arrived early December and my hands only have few minutes to spare for typing at the moment. Good news is..I just got a baby sling today (so happy), he loves sleeping snuggled close to my armpit...I hope the sling would become his new BFF and both of us can be happy...him close to my armpit and me with my hands happily typing.

    Thankyou for visiting everyday=) I got a line up of recipes and food related ramblings/ don't you worry=) Once the TRIBE household settles down (2-3 weeks), Busog! Sarap! will be back in its old self.

    Everything is all well and fine...just a bit chaotic, hehehehehe!

  14. It's great to see a Filipino foodie blog. Bonus, from Australia! Found your blog after searching for Filipino recipes so I can cook for my son the food I enjoyed as a child.
    Congratulations on your 2nd year :) Your reaction to the views after 2/3 months was refreshing to read. Thanks for sharing!


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