Saturday, February 25, 2012

Busog! Sarap! have so much to bring out for 2012…..

Hello Busog! Sarap! readers, finally got my act together (sort of) to be able to post my first of many posts for 2012.  Some of you may know (FB followers) that the TRIBE’s newest addition arrived last December.  We bestowed him with the nickname “Samboy” after a PBA legend player in the Philippines, as you know Mr. H is an avid basketball buff.  Laugh if you must my dear Australian readers but it’s just a coincidence that “Samboy” here in Australia is a brand name for potato chips…and lets make it clear that I didn’t nicknamed him after the potato chips because I’m a foodieWinking smile.

So let me chitchat you some of the exciting things for 2012…

  • I’ll be opening my other blog “Cupcakelettes” for my baking creations pics and also to showcase what I cater for my family and friends celebrations.
  • Included in 2012 agenda, I’ll be posting basic know-how tips for home based business that are easy to understand and apply to your everyday living even with a tight budget.  Recipes are not only the key to home based business success, there’s more to it.
  • Of course more recipes…...

My hope for 2012 is to make Busog! Sarap! bigger and brighter through the posts that I will be doing….it was really amazing to view how much people drops by to view Busog! Sarap! even with the 3 months absence of posts, and the visits are still growing!!!  Because of this, I want to hear from you my dear readers what you want to read in Busog! Sarap!…..don’t be shy to leave suggestions!


  1. Triple Congratulations!

    When do we see little Samboy...hope it's soon.:)

  2. Welcome back !! Missing your post.


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