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I’ll be starting this home business tips segment of Busog! Sarap! due to the fact that I receive countless emails from people around the world asking for recipes that can help them start their own food business.  To tell you all straight, nobody will give you a super duper delicious recipe just like that, out of the goodness of their heart designed for their own catering purposes just because you ask them to.  Get a massive pin and burst that fantasy balloon of yours, and make your hands dirty and try out recipes from the web or books/magazines and evolve it to your ideal recipes.  It might take weeks, months and even years but that is where you will see for yourself that you have the determination,the passion and dedication.


Here are some tips to think about before you start:

  • Think of something you like doing over and over, for example cooking/baking or doing craft.  Some people might be saying they are not gifted in both areas… you might be good at talking to people, why not try the art of selling?
  • In my opinion you have to have the passion in what you do, even if you just break even or not selling quite well in the beginning, you don’t lose heart!
  • Don’t see failures as a negative form, see it as learning curves….if it didn’t happened, how would you know you’re doing something wrong and make sure you’ve learned from your mistakes.
  • Close your eyes and imagine:  find a spot in your garden, dig a small hole, plant a seed….cover with soil, regularly fertilize, water it as required, every now and then take out the weeds that surrounds the plant and make sure it receives the sunshine it needed to grow, trim unwanted branches when its untidy. This scenario is like a business, tend to it and it will flourish…abandon it on its own, it will fail.
  • Starting a business is like having a brand new baby, most people will give you advice left and right…. what really annoys me is most people who don’t have the experience first hand are the ones that tends to voice out their “useful” advices louder.  My motto here is “In, in the right ear, out in the left ear”.
  • There are genuine people out there who are willing to help you out and will give useful tips but please don’t ask stupid questions because it will mirror you, do some research/reading beforehand.
  • Bear in mind, there are people who are toxic and just there to spread their negativeness, be aware and be prepared.
  • Funding a business and letting family/relatives handle it without any experience is like throwing money into a bottomless pit.  Business ideas can be good on paper and in conversation but it’s a different scenario when applied in the real world.

This is just my brainstorming tips to start with….. now grab a small notebook and start scribbling your hobby business ideas, what’s your strength and weakness, what you have around your house that are useful for your hobby business that you don’t have to buy.  Any household or personal items that are just gathering dust that you might be able to sell to get some start up money?


Cusinera’s Negosyo Asenso quote for today:

From little things, big things grow…..


F.Y.I~  This personal hobby business tips are my personal views to the matter.  I do not claim to be a professional.  I only want to share what I know and in hope that somebody out there will find my personal tips useful.

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