Saturday, July 21, 2012

Are you a little bit nutty….why not try a HARVEST BOX ?


Two weeks a ago, I got a lovely email from Meghan from Harvest Box asking me if I want to try out a sampler box.  I receive my fair share of emails from invitations to samples but I don’t usually take their offers as I find most of the emails intimidating and so impersonal (Dear Blogger), but Meghan’s email was so friendly and laidback that I said yes with no hesitation at all.

This lovely box of Harvest Box goodies arrived last week but due to my busy schedule I only had some time last Thursday to open it.  Mr H wants to opened it straight away when he got the box from our mailbox but I gave him a “death stare” stating that I have to take pictures first before he can munch on the treats.


I’ve opened my Harvest Box while I was sorting out my cookbooks and what a fitting time to do so…as I read & nibble away…huh? no actually…I nibble & tidied up, is there a difference, LOL!  and if anybody is going to ask if I shared my box, yes I did…I left some for Mr H to taste when he got home from work that day. =)


Personally I love the packaging, the outer cardboard is made up of recycled paper which encased four individual tightly sealed containers (can be recyclable too).  In my sampler Harvest Box, I got Mad 4 Mango, Ebony and Ivory, Cradle Mountain and Spiced Up…mind you this  is only a few selection from Harvest Box 50+ mixes.


The portion sizes are quite good for one single snacking and very ideal while you’re reading your favourite book or working on your computer.  It keeps your mouth busy and everybody know nuts and dried fruits are way healthier compare to packets of chips/crisps…of course in moderation, any excess is always bad for  you.

Here’s my personal opinion on my sample Harvest Box:

  • I love the seasoning on the Spiced Up Mix, it has a slightly kick to it, highly recommended with cold beer or ice cold coke.
  • The Flame Raisins & Golden Raisins were super sweet and still have softness/juiciness compare to the grocery bought ones.
  • I hate Walnuts and normally won’t eat them as I find most have this slightly rancid oil taste to it but I was really surprise with the Walnuts contained with my Cradle Mountain Mix….it have this sweet nutty taste and they were the first to be eaten by me.
  • Pepitas are unshelled Pumpkin Seeds.  When I was growing up in the Philippines, we snack on Dried Salted Pumpkin and Watermelon Seeds but you have to pop each seed shell with your teeth and you end up with salt crusted lips…LOL!  So to have Pepitas in my Cradle Mountain Mix is like a trip to my childhood memory lane minus the salted seed shells.  Btw, Mr H love this and the Sunflower seeds.
  • Roast Hazelnuts in Ebony & Ivory were super crunchy.
  • This is the first time I’ve eaten Dried Cranberries, it was sour but have this moreish effect on you that you keep on popping these tiny morsels inside your mouth.
  • Dried Mango & Apple, they were healthily air dried in my observation…chewy but nice.  A couple of pieces of these if you’re on a diet will suffice your craving for something naughty like chips or chocolate.
  • Overall, I find my sample Harvest Box much fresher compare to the grocery bought ones (nuts/dried fruits).  I love buying in bulk but there are certain items that are wonderful to buy in small portions (wide variety mixes to choose from) and eaten as soon as possible.


Harvest Box is Australian owned and for Busog! Sarap! readers that resides in Australia they have this SPECIAL PROMO at the moment:  Get your 1st Box for only $1!!!  Also, with each registration goes into the 1 Million Punnet Draw where Harvest Box are giving away $2,000 worth of prizes.  Just click the picture above and the link will lead you to Harvest Box Page that will explain everything.

F.Y.I~ I’m not related or connected to this business.  I only posted this product as I find it highly recommended…appearance/packaging/taste/price wise, the views in this post are entirely my own.

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