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Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Brisbane © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014

Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show was held last weekend (17-19 October) and I had an awesome time during the event. Saturday was a tight squeeze around 1-2pm and the waiting lines with the food trucks were insane but Sunday was more relax with lots of bargain/sale on offer.

I’ll be breaking my post on this food event into 2 parts as I went mad on taking pictures during my 2 days visits….yes, you heard it right!  Thanks to Square One PR, they provided me with a media pass which I can use during the duration of the show and I hope the 3 ladies who won those double passes did enjoy their visit during the weekend like I did.

Now, I will show some of the stalls and the food I’ve tasted and bought…..

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Merchandise © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014

As usual once you enter inside, you’ll be greeted with the Merchandise Stall…. trolleys, wine glass with lanyard are available to purchase and other souvenirs if you want to take some home.

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Bookworld © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014

Bookworld have a stall there but I didn’t really stopped for a little browse as I think I have a bad case of hoarding cookbooks….

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Alastair McLeoad  © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014Alastair McLeoad

I saw Alastair McLeoad eating a Nitrogenie Ice Cream beside the stall on Saturday and the next day saw him again but this time helping out to push a trolley full of bottles & stopping for awhile to wait for his mate….and all I can say to him was “Do you need any help?”…am such a duh!  Ms P was teasing me that I was star struck and didn’t think quick enough to ask for a picture with him….I think I was more mortified shy than star struck!

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Miguel Maestre © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014GOOD FOOD THEATRE - Miguel Maestre

On Sunday with Ms P and Ms M, we got the chance to watch Miguel Maestre in the Good Food Theatre…. he was funny and I swear, that accent is so sexy even though it seems like someone hog tied his tongue with a metre of roasting rope, hehehehehe! The show was educational too as he showed a video showing how Yarra Valley Caviar (a fresh water aquaculture farm) milk their Atlantic Salmons for its roe in a more natural way approach without the use of any antibiotics or chemical .

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Nespresso © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014NESPRESSO - Justine Schofield

Saturday, Mr H and I saw Justine Schofield in the Nespresso section….*whisper* Mr H has a thing for her as he find her really pretty, hehehehehe!  I wonder if she ever had a goodnight sleep afterwards with all the caffeine based sweet and savoury creations she has consumed during the show.

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - The Zumbo Academy © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014THE ZUMBO ACADEMY – Adriano Zumbo

We passed by The Zumbo Academy last Sunday as we crazily try to visit all the stalls and I’ve never seen a class so quiet and behaved.  His classes was sold out well in advance…people are still crazy about macaroons up till now.

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Wine Theater © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014RIEDEL WINE THEATRE - Nick Ryan

Quick picture as we passed by…..

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Barilla © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014BARRILLA

So many people wanting to cook pasta for free….our only interest with Barilla was the carry boxes we’ve seen people carrying around the show, we thought it was for sell but sadly it was only provided for the people who does the paid pasta cooking sessions.

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Growing in the Lockyer © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014GROWING IN THE LOCKYER

It was so nice to be able to see what Queensland has to offer. Incredible local products was visible throughout the show that you won’t usually see in your supermarkets.  The organisers should make an effort to bring this local stalls yearly…..

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - City of Logan GrowersGROW YOUR MUSHROOM KIT

The City of Logan Stall have this “Grow your own Mushroom Kit” for only $10 and you can grow it inside your bathroom…how cool is that!

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Intrepid Travel  © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014INTREPID TRAVEL’S FOOD ADVENTURES

I love this stall and can only dream of attending one of their overseas food tours…..

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Nudie © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014NUDIE CHILL OUT ZONE

Mr Adventurous had fun tasting the Nudie samples shots….and it was a bonus also that their Chill Out Zone was kids friendly with areas where you can sit and rest.  Nudie even got face painting and colouring-in activities for the little ones.

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Vortik © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014VORTIK FUSION

Vortik Fusion come in Chocolate and Caramel flavours and they taste really good but potent!  We love the aluminium bottles it is packaged on, the samples were served ice cold which was really nice.

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Tomarata © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014TOMARATA

Tomarata Liqueurs were heavenly……specially the Lychee.

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Mr Black © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014MR BLACK

I sampled Mr Black and gosh…if I have the money would have bought 2 bottles, this coffee liqueur would go nice over the top of your vanilla ice cream as a dessert and that’s only the start of its delicious evilness!

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Nitrogenie © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014NITROGENIE

Pass by Nitrogenie but pause for a bit to take a picture of the stage were they pour in the liquid nitrogen to the mixing bowl to create their ice creams…the world stood still for that few seconds for me as I watch, sometimes you have to please your inner child you know….

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Grove Avocado Oil © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014GROVE AVOCADO OIL

The Grove Stall was my first buy last Saturday as we have exhausted out our home stash of their Avocado Oil Garlic Infused months ago.  I bought 3x for $20 but when I returned the next day they had the Avocado Oils on special for only $5 each which I bought 4x bottles again.  I’ll take a mental note with the marked down price so next year I’ll wait till the last day before buying some.  I will be sending some back to the Philippines as my husband’s relatives love Avocado Oil brushed in their grilled vegetables.  Grove’s got beautiful Avocado Infused Oils…. highly recommended, no kidding!

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Hoyt's © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014HOYT’S

Hoyt’s Stall have a vast array of their herbs and spices packets/canisters on display.  I got most of their spices and herbs on my magnetic spice rack, who doesn’t?  They even handed out free packets of their Vanillin Sugar to passers-by during Sunday.

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Jt's Coconut Essence © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014JT’S COCONUT ESSENCE

The Coconut Chips (Original) was delicious that we bought a packet of 3 canisters for only $5.  This gentlemen in the picture was so nice to talk to and even allowed me to take a picture of their stall.

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Total Gourmet © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014TOTAL GOURMET

I found Total Gourmet Stall on the last day of the show. The lady on the right side with the short hair was excellent with dealing with curious potential customers.  I bought a bottle of an Australian Truffle Oil from her and she encouraged me to taste all the truffle products samples they have on offer.  If they decided to have a stall next year, I will definitely be visiting them again to buy more products.

Good Food and Wine Show 2014 - Media Pass © BUSOG! SARAP! 2014

It was great for myself to have a Media Pass provided by Square One PR.  The pass let me attend whatever day I choose to within the 3 day event but the downside was Mr H was slapped with a $20 parking fee from the premises where the event was held which we think was too steep.  To my understanding…isn’t flat rate parking fee during the weekends?

Okay….now to compose the second part of this Good Food and Wine Show 2014, this second  post of mine is full of the delicious part of the show….so you better wait for it!

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  1. Hello Cusinera! It's my 1st time to visit your site. Looks like the food fair you got there is a blast. I should also be going to these kind of events here in Cebu, Philippines. But my introversion acts up from time to time.


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