Busog! Sarap! is the brainchild of Althea C.,  a Food Bloggerista based in Brisbane, Australia.  Her cuisine of choice is Filipino, sprinkled with whatever she fancy cooking.  This blog of hers, features TRIBE’s (family) dining out adventures, places where she buy her ingredients and personally tried recipes that she would love you to try.

The TRIBE (family) consist of Miss M, Mr Adventurous, Samboy and Mr H, plus Cusinera of course =)

Cusinera's main aim for creating Busog! Sarap! is to share tried and tested recipes she personally created or sourced from the net and from accumulated cookbooks she acquired through the years. What's so unique about Busog! Sarap! is that the cooking procedures, pictures and cooking notes came sincerely from Cusinera's heart.  Her main pet peeve are recipes that doesn't work because of missing ingredients or out of whacked measurements and "I don't care if you don't understand" procedures.

Why the recipes in Busog! Sarap! are mostly Filipino?

Well to answer that... Cusinera has lived more than half of her life in Australia & Filipino dishes before Mr H was just for eating and not the actual cooking.  Mr H played a major role for inspiring Cusinera to challenge herself to cook Filipino dishes when they got married.  He's Ilocano after all & Ilocos is one of the regions in the Philippines that are famous for their food. So Busog! Sarap! is her personal journey on how to cook Filipino dishes, to understand how the dishes developed through time & how to present it in a manner that the dishes are not "bastardized".

Another reason for featuring Filipino Cuisine in Busog! Sarap! is to dispel the myth that Filipino Food is unattractive and not in par with the other Asian countries.  In Cusinera's eyes Filipino Food is beautiful and delicious but the key for other people to agree with these positive descriptions is to start cooking the dishes properly.

Cusinera's food background..... studied Cookery and F&B in Culinary School here in Brisbane and worked mostly in the hospitality industry both in front and back of house in various food establishments.  At the moment she's juggling being a SAHM (stay at home mom) while food blogging and doing family and friends catering gigs.

Ultimate Food Dream Goals, would be...one day have a cookbook published and that whoever owns copies will treasure it and pass it on to their children or relatives because the cookbook is that good =) Plus establish a Filipino Restaurant here in Brisbane.

Busog! Sarap! is compose of two Tagalog words….

Busog ~ full from eating and Sarap ~ delicious.

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