GREEN MANGOES (Hilaw na Manga)

hilaw na mangga© BUSOG! SARAP! 2009
Green mangoes are totally out of this world, just thinking about them makes my mouth salivates, specially if you team it up with sautéed shrimp paste (bagoong alamang), either mild or hot.

When I was younger, my green mango preference is what you called “Indian mangoes”.  Dark green skin with a very crunchy flesh, like biting on a crispy green apple.  Just plain coarse salt or even fish sauce (patis) would do, if I can not get my hands on bagoong.  I remember when we use to live in the Philippines, there would be vendors with carts selling peeled slices of green mangoes, suspended in jars filled with water, they offer either sweet or super spicy hot bagoong.  They slice them like little scoops and skewered them in bamboo sticks.  You just have to be careful eating it, so you won’t drop some of the bagoong on your clothes as the aroma is quite overwhelming to put it in a nice way.  Some vendors have bigger carts and sell whole green mangoes, peeled and sliced like flowers with petals just slightly attached in the base encased in a clear plastic with separate bagoong container.  How I miss those carts!

Every weekend my TRIBE always go to Inala for our weekly shopping and guess what I found there?  Big green, yummy mangoes!  I bought 2 for AUD$4.40 and also a jar of regular bagoong for AUD$8.00.  The bagoong price I know is highway robbery but the mangoes are reasonable but I can’t do without the bagoong as our stock at home is almost scrapped to the bottom last time I cooked Kare-Kare (Braised oxtail in peanut stew).    I peeled and sliced one of the mangoes and placed a small mountain of bagoong on top.  All I can say is YUMMIOSO!  Crunchy and not too sour, just perfect.

Green mangoes have that refreshing clean, crisp and sourly taste.  Team it up with bagoong, the saltiness and sourness combines so well.  It’s a taste sensation that you will never forget!  You can make salad,  pickles and even a shake out of green mangoes but to me my favourite is just plain green mango slices with a big dollop of bagoong on top.

BTW, Mr. H wants to add that green mangoes are nice too, dipped in sugar………I don’t know about that?  What do you think?


  1. Anonymous20.9.12

    still wondering where I can buy some in Brisbane. I live in Boondall... any suggestions???

  2. @Anonymous~ Inala, I've seen some popping now this past few days =)

  3. Indian mangoes! dipped in 'patis with siling labuyo' -perfect combination.

  4. Where in Inala did you go shopping? I live in Nundah and would kill for some green Mangoes with ginisang Bagoong!

    1. Hi, the Asian shops in Inala Shopping Centre but it's only available when its in season =)


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