First week of June was when we celebrated Mr. H’s Birthday.  Two weeks before as I was starting to prep for the Barrio Fiesta Adventure, he made quite a few “lambing” hints that he wants a small party for his birthday as his age got a “0” in the end now.  Cusinera and Mr. H hardly held parties for our special days as we tend to celebrate Miss M and Mr. Adventurous birthdays in massive cook fest every year.  On our two special days plus our anniversary most of the time every year we either go out or just buy a cake and cook pancit for that night.  As for presents, we do that the whole year round, things we really, “Really” (that’s with capital R) like!  I’m not a flower person… it dies, give me a spatula, a chef’s knife or even cupcake liners and I will really adore them.  Mr. H on the other hand have a different taste….bit expensive, mind you!  Michael Jordan shoes… you will see twinkle in his eyes!!!! I bet if he was offered the entire collection of Jordan shoes, he’ll trade me for the set, LOL!


Mr. H’s, June Birthday……..

Inihaw na Baboy at Balat © BUSOG! SARAP! 2010



Kulinarya’s theme for the month of June 2010 is  INIHAW (Pinoy Bbq/Grill).



Pinoy BBQ/GRILL is an everyday affair in the Philippines.  During parties, Pork Bbq Sticks is a must on the table, like Pancit (Noodles) and if we move outdoors in the Philippines… we are talking serious Pinoy BBQ/GRILL on offer as street foods.  You will see the IUD (Marinated Chicken Intestine), ISAW NANG BABOY (Marinated Pork Intestine), HELMET (Marinated Chicken Head), BALAT (Pork Skin), ADIDAS (Marinated Chicken Feet), BETAMAX (Steamed Cubes of Pork Blood), WALKMAN (Pig’s Ears), PORK BBQ STICKS and DRIED SQUID….. and yes! I confess that I eat most of them, yum! yum! yum!

INIHAW (Pinoy Bbq/Grill)

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