Is she mine or not?

 Cusinera's Box© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

About a month ago, I finally got one of my foodie dreams fulfilled…..  I got myself a KitchenAid Mixer!!!  I’ve been to David Jones, Myer and Hospitality Stores here in Brisbane but their prices were a bit on the expensive side.  I’ve browsed through the internet and found Appliance Surplus.  I bought mine for less than AUD$600 with free shipping.  They have their own warranty and have a great customer service through email.

Cusinera's Mystery Box© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

Mr. H was a bit suss on how cheap the mixer was, he jokingly told me…are you sure it got a head, maybe you’ll just receive only the half bottom of it?  Deep inside, I prayed that he was wrong…. please for once, can I break my bad luck in online shopping.

 Cusinera's Unwrapped Box© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

When the box arrived through Australia Post, my heart was beating a million miles per second.  Lugging the box after signing for it, Mr. Adventurous was hovering around my legs with a continuous question of….Mommy, is that a Happiee Bidday present?  We excitedly ripped the black plastic covering, revealing the box.  Carefully opening the box and slowly pulling out the KitchenAid and putting it on top of the freezer, was a struggle…man this thing is heavy!  Ohhh…Mommy is dhat foh yoh cookin?  Itsh beotiful mommy, nice…. and he busied himself trying to fit inside the KitchenAid box.  Isn’t weird that children tend to get excited with empty cardboard boxes than what was actually inside?

 Cusinera's Red Kitchenaid Mixer© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

Aaahhhh, I can stare at it the whole day, it was beautiful…  I love it!

 Cusinera's Red Imperfection© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010-001

But then, my fairytale came into a crashing halt…after inspecting every nook and cranny of Ms. Red, I found a cosmetic flaw, one that I can’t forget every time I look at her.  It is like something that is stuck between your teeth or a booger (snot) that’s hanging on the tip of one of your nostril.  Oh why does it happen to me?  Last time I’ve checked I don’t have a birthmark on either one of my butt cheeks (in Filipino culture birthmark in your butt area is a sign of misfortune).

I’ve emailed them, and they assured me that I can replace Ms. Red with another one, I do feel sorry for her (mixer).  They suggested that I should wait for the colour that I really want as new stock was arriving (Ms. Red was not my first choice), and for the time being I can use Ms. Red while I wait for my chosen KitchenAid buddy.  She’s doing great, she purrs when she mixes batters and I’m looking forward on bread making soon.  Will keep you posted on my KitchenAid saga…………


  1. I have a Classic and I wish I would have just forked the extra $100 for a Cobalt Blue Artisan. That bowl handle comes in very handy.

  2. @SARAPLICIOUS~ all I say is I LOVE IT!!! I'm eyeing the glass bowl with lid, that are selling in, but so expensive because it will cost around AUD$110 approx (included already overseas shipping)...I need another bowl:) Can't you get a spare bowl with handles for Classic?

  3. Congrats! You are going to have so much fub with that.

  4. Ah, is that the Empire Red version I see? My Old Red says hello to your Ms. Red!

  5. Hi Althea! I catch myself staring at my yellow one too. Such a work of art.


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