PUTO ESPESYAL (Steamed Flour Cake Version)


Puto (Filipino Steamed Cakes) is one of the most missed Kakanin (Filipino native treats) by Filipinos around the world.  The authentic Puto is basically made with ground rice (galapong bigas).  The rice is soaked overnight to allow natural fermentation before grinding into a fine textured slurry.  This mixture is then combined with sugar for sweetness and then steamed.  Once people add or replace different ingredients in this Basic Puto, then the end products are then called differently.  To name a few…Puto Pandan (pandan flavour), Puto Ube (purple yam flavour), Puto  Bumbong (purple rice steamed in bamboo tubes) and Puto Lanson (grated cassava and coconut).

I had an Uncle and Auntie (father side) who specialize in this native delicacies in Alaminos, Laguna.  But sad to say, the recipes and techniques stayed with them till they passed away.  Nobody was interested on learning or even jotting down the recipes, as you know most Filipinos in the provinces cook by feel and not by measurements.  How I wish that my love for the Filipino cuisine started earlier, I could have learned more from the experts.  Sometimes you don’t take notice of things you eat or use everyday until it is gone forever.

My mother even inherited some old Chinese teacups from her Auntie, she explained to me that Grand Auntie use to cook puto in those Chinese teacups.  When we left Philippines, the cups where left somewhere…forgotten and maybe dumped in the rubbish.  Sad to say, most great Filipino recipes are like my Great Auntie’s teacups…..most Filipinos considered them not worth keeping or the opposite, the recipes are over zealously guarded that they are taken to the grave.  If only we can have a little bit of time to sit, listen and learn from this folks we could have gain so much from their knowledge or even be such a pain in the rear that they got no choice but divulge their secret recipes…hehehehehe!  So many could’s and if’s…..okieee, Cusinera, snap out of it!!! (sounds of chirping birds being shot by a big shotgun)…  I have to cut the story, it’s getting too long, I’m here to tell you how to cook Puto :)

What I have here is a recipe for a flour version of Puto.  I called it Puto Espesyal (Special Puto) as it’s a bit decadent with the addition of slices of boiled salted duck eggs and cheese.  As you know, there are weird flavours that works fantastic together and I assure you, this is one of them.    Sweet, savoury and salty all blended together to create one orgasmic Filipino native snack.


PUTO ESPESYAL (Steamed Flour Version) adapted from Food Business


Meringue :

7 egg whites, room temperature

3/4 tspn cream of tartar

8 tbspn white sugar

Cake Batter:

2 tbspn baking powder

3 cups plain flour

1 cup white sugar

1 1/2 cups fresh milk + 2 tbspn

Toppings:  Boiled salted duck’s eggs and cheddar cheese slices

*used AUS Measuring Cups & Spoons






Top Left: In a very clean bowl place the eggwhites and cream of tartar together.

Bottom Left:  Whisk the eggwhites until frothy.

Top Right:  Gradually add the 8 tbspns of sugar, the texture will became finer.

Bottom Right:  Beat until the mixture have stiff peaks, it would look like a spreadable icing.



~  Sift the dry ingredients and place in a bowl with fresh milk and whisk into a smooth batter.


~  Slowly fold the meringue mixture into the cake batter until well combine.  Don’t be too heavy handed as you want your end mixture to be very light.


~  Place the Puto batter in your baking tins, I’ve use normal circular sponge pans and large frilled mamon tins.  Only fill up the baking tins 3/4 of its capacity, you need room for the puto to raise up.  Top the Puto batter with slices of boiled salted duck’s eggs and slices of cheddar cheese.

~  In a large wok, place a pot ring and fill the wok with enough water just below the top base of the pot ring.  Place the lid and bring the water to a boil.

~  Once the water is boiling, carefully place a puto filled pan onto the pot ring and quickly place the lid back.  Steam the puto for 35-40 minutes.  Once done, quickly remove the lid to avoid water droplets going in to contact with the puto as this will give you soggy texture.  Carefully remove the tin with pot holders and let it cool before taking out the puto from the tin.

~  This recipe yielded 2x medium sponge tins and 2x large frilled mamon tins of puto.



  • The reason why the puto pictures looks yellowish is that I took the pictures during the evening and also I got overboard with the cheese.
  • You can make assorted coloured puto, just separate the puto batter and gently fold in the individual colours.
  • If you want mini puto, use mini muffin pans and only cook for 15-20 minutes.


  1. you really had that kitchen aid workin there. i want to make fluffy putos! are they fluffy? can i unan-ize them? they look lovely with salted eggs! nyum!

  2. @ziggy ~ so far, Ms Red (Mixer) at the moment is an expensive puto mixing tool..hehehehe! Haven't baptise her yet on other baking delights:P Yes, the puto are fluffy but not the puto mamon kind (you know the light as air)...and yes, you can unan-ize them (any shape and form u like). I love the toppings, I usually eat the toppings first before the puto:)

  3. yummmm, will definitely do this tomorrow as we have some egg whites from hubby doing his creme brulle ... thanks for sharing this and for the best graphics --- i love to cook especially anything that would remind of home ... hope you dont mind me making this and posting it on my blog but will definitely mention your site as my reference.

  4. @Mrs K.~ of course I don't mind=) Ur very welcome and thanks for visiting!

  5. Anonymous3.11.10

    Do you have the recipe for Puto Lanson? I have been searching the internet and have not found it yet. If you do, would you mind sharing it. Thank you.

  6. @Anonymous~ Wish I did=) Personally I haven't tasted one yet but am dying to try Puto Lanson as it is made of grated cassava...I am also reaching for the genuine recipe for this, if I ever found somebody who can teach me how to cook this, will definitely feature this here in Busog! Sarap!

  7. Anonymous9.11.10

    hi, cusinera..I'm in awe of all the recipes that you are posting here. I hope you could post kareoka ( I don't know how it is spelled, but we did love it when we tasted it at a party.. Thanks and more power


  8. @Anonymous~ I haven't cooked karioka before but will definitely will try cooking this sweet treats before Xmas=)

  9. Anonymous8.1.11

    can i use plastic puto moulders? i dont have tin moulders...

  10. @Anonymous~ Sure you long as the plastic is design for cooking=)

  11. Hi i want to know the recipe of assorted puto I want exactly the same as the picture you posted the one got BUSOG SARAP in your PROFILE I really want to cook puto exactly the same in the photo but I don't know the recipe.

  12. @Rachel Mae~ I only keep about 3 recipes of mine very dear to my heart that I will pass on to my children and one of them is the recipe for that mini puto on my Busog! Sarap! header (I hope you understand). This Puto Espesyal is very close when it comes to the taste and texture of my original recipe, so try it and you won't be dissappointed=) Just read the NOTES on the bottom of the post for instructions to make it as mini putos.

  13. cezcape13.12.11

    hi, can i use steamer in cooking this espesyal puto? thank you!

  14. @cezcape~ Of course you can...if you look at the pictures, I've steamed the puto on my wok with a lid on (as per instruction)=) My steamer is too big..

  15. Hello po! I tried this puto last week and it was a hit.. I wanna make an ube and pandan flavor out of it. What kind of ube will I use? Can I use the halayang ube in a bottle and some purple coloring?? What about pandan flavor? Hope you can help me about this. Thank u in advance.

  16. @CH3~ Thanks for letting me know that your Puto making was a success. This is my personal advice...use a flavouring paste/flavacol~ it already got the flavour and colour. Don't use halayang ube as it will make your puto heavy and not fluffy. For pandan paste I use this kind:

    Add the paste in your cake batter, mix it well then fold batter with your meringue. Remember, flavouring paste/flavacols are more stronger then your average essence and colour=)

  17. Thanks for the reply.. Sorry for asking again, where can I buy those flavouring paste? Are they available in asian stores. Btw, I'm based here in Perth. I always visit your site coz I know your also here in Australia kaya mas madali kunin ang ingredients at hanapin lang sa mga common grocery shops. :)

  18. The only available in Australia is the pandan paste (doon sa link, look at the pic)...I'm sure it would be available sa Asian stores ninyo if you're having trouble e-mail me your addy and I'll arrange something ;)

  19. Thank u so much for the pic.. Can I ask one more thing? Sorry for annoying you. How many tsp or the measurement of the pandan paste will I put on this recipe. Thanks! Coz I'll be making it on my sons birthday on Saturday. Thanks again!

  20. @CH3~ There's nothing wrong in asking, you are so welcome! If you're making one whole batch, 3-4 tspn, you need a nice green not too light pero not too dark. Remember to add it in your cake batter not on the meringue or when you have already mixed the two together. Happy Birthday sa anak mo, hope your family have a wonderful party!

  21. ELLEN17.1.13

    Hi po kata try ko lang nitong puto pero magaspang siyang lumabas dahil marami itong bubbles.Saka sa pag fold na meringue ang batter ba ang ilalagay sa meringue o ang meringue ang isasalin sa batter bago ito i fold? Saka paano ba ang tamang pag measure ng flour? siksik ba kailangan ang flour. Sana masagot ninyong tanong ko kasi gustong gusto ito eh. Maraming salamat po.

  22. @Ellen~ I usually scoop my measuring cup sa flour container then I level the top by sweeping with the back of a knife level to the rim of the measuring cup. Never siksik your flour. Meringue should be like icing in texture, it can hold itself when you put the bowl upside down. I sifted the dry ingredients to aerated it. Meringue goes into the batter, and most important is when you mix it in circular motion, very gentle till no visible white streak. When you place your puto mixture, smooth the top to eliminate the bubbles before steaming.

  23. ELLEN20.2.13

    May isa pa po akong tanong siempre hindi ko puedeng lutuin ito ng sabay sabay dahil hindi ito kasya lahat sa steamer hindi ba bababa ang mixture sa pangalawang salang ko? Saka nag try ako sa maliliit na container eh medyo nahirapan akong ilagay ito dahil medyo malapot ito. gustong gusto ko kasing ma perfect ito dahil natikman ko ito sa pilipinas ng umuwi ako sa pilipinas
    Maraming salamat uli,

    1. @Ellen~ In my experience, I've let the next batch wait till my first batch finished steaming and it was still good but just be aware that any meringue like batter overtime there's some deflation happening.

      You can purchase an ice cream scoop (they come in various sizes), very handy when it comes to thick/goeey mixtures....puto batter, cupcake mixes and cookies....get the metal one with that metal wiper inside.


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