CAMARON REBOSADO (Filipino Battered Prawns)




Kulinarya’s theme for the month of September 2010 is SPANISH INSPIRED FILIPINO DISHES.



Camaron Rebosado (Filipino Battered Prawns) are prawns that’s unshelled with tails on and are marinated with calamansi juice and salt.  They are then coated in batter and deep fried till crispy.  It is served with Sweet and Sour Sauce, thanks to the Chinese influence in Filipino Cuisine.  In Spanish they call their Battered Prawns as Gambas Rebozadas and the batter includes saffron powder or dye.  As you can see, Filipinos made this dish unique by adding the twist of the citrus/salt marinade before coating the prawns with the batter mixture.

I was planning to try out Brazo de Mercedes (Filipino Meringue Custard Roll) for this Kulinarya September theme but due to cooking commitments, I have to jump to an easy recipe.  To tell you the truth, I’ve tried two recipes for both the batter and the sweet and  sour sauce, as I was not happy with the first batch.  Call me crazy for repeating the dish and posting it late, but I want to post something that will work and I think this recipe is good enough but need modifications later on to achieve a 10/10 rating from Cusinera.


CAMARON REBOSADO (Filipino Battered Prawns) 


18 large prawns

1/2 tspn calamansi or lemon juice

1/4 tspn table salt


Batter:  adapted from

1/2 cup plain flour

1/2 cup cornstarch

1 tbspn baking powder

1/4 tspn baking soda

2 eggs

1/4 cup water


cooking oil for deep frying

*used AUS Measuring Cups & Spoons



Top Left & Right:  Unshell the prawns but leave the last segment shell with the tail tip.  Using a small sharp knife make a shallow cut along the top of the prawns to remove the digestive tract vein.  Turn each prawn upside down and make 3 small slashes across its belly without cutting through completely.  This prevents them from curling when deep fried.

Bottom Left & Right:  Marinate the prawns with calamansi or lemon juice and salt for at least 1 hour, covering the bowl with cling wrap and putting it inside the fridge during the marination .  Whisk all the batter ingredients until smooth.  Once the prawns are marinated, dip each one of them in the batter mixture by holding the tails, making sure that the prawns are evenly coated with batter.  You can leave them in the battered bowl with the tails sticking out for easy transition to the deep frying process.

 Camaron Rebosado Step5© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

~  Heat up the cooking oil in a medium saucepan, once the oil is hot, lower the heat to high-medium.  Place each battered prawns one at a time in the hot oil to prevent them sticking to each other.  Make sure you turn the prawns every now and then for even cooking.  Cook till golden brown and place the prawns in a bowl lined with kitchen paper towels to absorb excess oil.


~  Serve freshly cooked as the batter tends to get soft once cooled down.


BEST WITH:   Sweet and Sour Sauce, Tomato sauce or Banana ketchup and Mayonnaise.


  • When you place the coated prawns into the hot oil, you can hold the tail with your left hand and hold a spoon on your right hand to cradle the other end of the prawn to prevent drips.  Place the prawn gently but quickly by sliding the spoon first and letting go of the tail.
  • By cutting 3 slashes on the underside of the prawns, once cooked they have a more elongated appearance instead of a tight curl.
  • I need to work on the batter recipe as I want to maintain the crispiness even when the prawns has cooled down.  If you have a tried and tested recipe for crispy batter, don’t hesitate to leave me a message and am more happy to try it out.


  1. althea, this is my mom's favorite! good memories. thanks for the recipe!

  2. Yummy Camaron Rebosado!

  3. Althea... Dust the praws with flour shaking excess flour before dipping them in the batter....this way the batter will cling to the prawns much better. Also try omitting the eggs in the batter.

    A Chinese cook once taught me using yeast in his batter. Now sometimes, I cannot wait for the batter to ferment so instead I use BEER BATTER...try stays crisp much longer. Another thing...BRINE your prawns...the flesh stays crunchy....salted COLD water for 15 mi utes. Rinse thoughly and repeat the process. Then drain and rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze to remove excess water. Then marinate them. Deep-frying...if you have to make quite a few dozens of these, deep fry wnd REMOVE from oil while they are still pale and few seconds short of becoming golden. Remember prawns cook quickly. When you aready to eat, heat up your deep fryer ... hot oil but not smoking hot and fry to golden. It will now take only a few seconds to brown them to golden color.

  4. @betty q.~ =)BIG THANKYOU, will try this style soon! With the brining, do I have to do it 2x times with the salted cold water?

  5. I brine the prawns 2x if they are the shelled ones, heads on or fresh ones from wet markets back home. The ones I use here are frozen ones and sometimes peeled so I just brine them once in cold salted water.

  6. @betty q.~ thanks for clearing that brining process=) Will buy more prawns...

  7. those prawns looks so crispy and yummy!

  8. Anonymous7.12.10

    for the batter its 1/2 cup of ice cold water instead of 1/4, for crispness try reducing the eggs and and i/4 cup of ice cold water instead

  9. Looks like I have another thing to try this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh wow, this dish brings back a childhood favorite dish. I remember my dad used to cook Camaron Rebosado all the time when I was growing up and it was always a hit on the table. This dish and with the good old Mafran Banana Ketchup!!! My goodness, it was heaven.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Best wishes,


  11. @Ray~ Yes, definitely...nothing beats Pinoy Ketchup=) Thanks for visiting!


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