Wow, can’t believe that it has been 2 years now since Busog! Sarap! started…. but to tell you the truth, if you’re finding my posts/recipes useful…I’ve also learned so much during this 2 years span.  From a point and shoot camera to getting a proper dslr camera for taking pictures.  Answering queries from comments and emails from Busog! Sarap! followers…being invited to foodie events here in Brisbane, which by the way I’ve missed most of them as I have something unexpected “going on” this year.  Don’t worry you’ll soon find out by next month=)

But what a journey!  During my first 2-3 months, I was already jumping for joy when my views were 50 a day and receiving my first comments from people I didn’t know.  I remember chasing Mr. H with my bear hugs (almost strangling him) every time my viewing numbers rise up.  Don’t be alarmed, he appreciates my weirdness which is what I love about him.  But the best feeling that never disappears and would never change is the warm fuzzy feeling and excitement I feel every time somebody leaves a comment that one of my tried recipes works wonders for them and how their family/friends enjoys their creation.

I’ve have encountered so many wonderful and supportive people through this blog of mine and even though most of you I haven’t met in person, we are connected to one similar passion….food/cooking/eating.  So, thank you for following this little blog of mine and please tell your friends about Busog! Sarap!  Spread the word (actually its two words, hehehehe)…….more years to come, I’d say!

Busog! Sarap! is 2 yrs old now……

The TRIBE went for a quick trip to Good Food and Wine Show 2011 on the 5th November (Saturday).  I was excited to drop by….as I was expecting it would be much bigger and better than the previous year.  But something was missing, can’t put my finger to it, we’ve strolled a few times throughout the whole exhibit and all I’ve purchased was the Good Food and Wine Show Trolley and my supply of Grove Garlic Avocado Oil.  I want to spend more but most of the products there you can easily obtain from your suburban grocery stores or delis but then maybe it’s just me….nothing lighted my foodie fire, sorry to say that day.

To make up from my lack lustre spending spree in the stalls department, we just concentrated on the food on offer at Oxford Landing Estate Restaurant.  The menu on offer this year was from two Masterchef Past Contestants, Marion and Poh Ling Yeow.  As previous years, each entree and mains were paired up with Oxford Landing Estates Wines….




Kulinarya’s theme for the month of November 2011 is ARROZ CALDO (Filipino Chicken Congee).



I’ve previously featured ARROZ CALDO (Filipino Chicken Congee) for the month of May 2011 for Kulinarya.  So to make it different for this month’s Kulinarya theme, I’m featuring another Filipino Congee which is Goto (Filipino Beef Congee).  “Goto” means “Beef Tripe” in Tagalog and it is one of the main ingredients for this Filipino Congee.  This is another popular Filipino street food that can be serve for merienda (snack) or a “pick me upper” after a hard night drinking session.

GOTO (Filipino Beef Congee)

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