Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cusinera’s Negosyo Tips - THINK

I’ll be starting this home business tips segment of Busog! Sarap! due to the fact that I receive countless emails from people around the world asking for recipes that can help them start their own food business.  To tell you all straight, nobody will give you a super duper delicious recipe just like that, out of the goodness of their heart designed for their own catering purposes just because you ask them to.  Get a massive pin and burst that fantasy balloon of yours, and make your hands dirty and try out recipes from the web or books/magazines and evolve it to your ideal recipes.  It might take weeks, months and even years but that is where you will see for yourself that you have the determination,the passion and dedication.

Friday, March 16, 2012

GISING! GISING! (Kangkong Version)


What is so nice with savoury dishes that are cooked with coconut milk/cream, is that they possess this rich creamy goodness that makes you eat more rice with it.  There are so many dishes I have to taste when I go back to the Philippines and Gising! Gising! is one of them.  Cooking is always a learning experience and I want to taste how the local does it, compare and improve what I have tested so far.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

SUMPIA …is what it’s called in Malabon


Sumpia is what we call  Large Fried Vegetables Spring Roll in Malabon.  Here’s another classic Street Food snack, best eaten freshly cooked.  Usually served encased in a small clear plastic bag, you puncture the top end of the Sumpia and drizzle  your spicy vinegar sauce inside and eat it on the go.  In Malabon, Sumpia is team up with  Goto (Filipino Beef Congee) or Arroz Caldo (Filipino Chicken Congee).

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