Little Hong Kong in Sunnybank offers BBQ dishes, congee and noodles.  Always busy most nights, the TRIBE only goes during the off peak days (Monday & Tuesday).  Our favorite table is outside, against the newsagency wall as this spot has more space for Mr. Adventurous to move around.  I swear my little boy doesn’t sit still for a minute, if he ever did, I get worried that he might be ill or picking something disgusting.  We did eat inside Little Hong Kong  twice but it’s too cramp for us, I don’t know how they manage to serve hot congee and soup without spilling it over patron’s heads.  I love the cooking shows in their LCD monitors, how I wish I could understand the language.

LITTLE HK BBQ Specialties © BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

BBQ dishes are Little Hong Kong specialty and I would like to thank the smiling chef who let me take a picture of their hanging BBQ display and by the way, he is not the guy in the above picture, that’s Mr. Grumpy (joking! maybe he’s just having a bad day when I requested to take a picture of the display).  The service is fast and efficient, some english hiccup but maybe writing it or pointing on the menu will resolve the matter easily. 

LITTLE HK BBQ MIX 4 items © BUSOG! SARAP! 2010 Little Hong Kong BBQ Mix (4 items)

If you are a first timer and want to taste the BBQ items they offer, this platter is for you.  This platter of 4 items is good for 2-3 people, team it up with Steam Rice and Seasonal Vegetables with Oyster Sauce and you’re set for a complete meal.


I love this dish, I have eaten this in so many places and almost all of them disappoints me but the Combination Chow Mein in Little Hong Kong was just excellent, with crispy noodles and super yummy sauce, the seafood, meat and vegetables was just cooked right.  Mr. Adventurous shared this dish with me and loves the slices of fish cake.

ROAST PORK w RICE © BUSOG! SARAP! 2010 Crispy Pork Belly Rice

Mr. H ordered the Crispy Pork Belly Rice as he love “Lechon Kawali” (Philippines version of Crispy Pork Belly).  If you can’t be bother cooking Lechon Kawali this is a nice alternative for a quick fix.  The side pickled salad that is served with this combo was very nice, as it counter balance the richness of the pork fat.

BBQ PORK w RICE © BUSOG! SARAP! 2010 Signature BBQ Pork “Char Siew” Rice

Miss M had this dish, and she enjoyed it very much.  The BBQ Pork was juicy and the sauce is quite addictive.  BTW, you can help yourself with this very nice sauce on the condiments table next to the left entrance (newsagency side), it is in one of the squirt bottles and there’s little small plastic dipping saucers available on top shelf of the table.

I have tasted their Shredded Chicken Congee before and it was also good, served in a very large bowl, highly recommended for winter season.


This is the view from our table, and one of the side entrance (left side) of Little Hong Kong.

Some people might argue that the prices in Little Hong Kong is a bit pricey but to me it’s reasonable, specially their Rice Dishes.  Some complains that their BBQ Pork and Roast Pork are too fatty, but they have to realize meat with a bit of fat makes it more juicy and flavourful.  The only thing I would request is that they should offer canned soft drinks as the bottled ones are too small and expensive.

For a dinner of Combination Chow Mein, 2x Rice Dishes and a bottle of mini Coke, total bill was less than AUD$39.00, not too bad!  I always tuck in a couple of juice boxes and bottled water in Mr. Adventurous backpack as my children tends to drink a lot while on the go and I save a bit of money doing this, but our general rule for the TRIBE is if you bring it, you take it out along with you, as it is not fair to leave it for the staff to clean.



  • Extra sauces, complimentary hot tea and cold water are located inside next to the entrance door (newsagency side).  Cutlery and chopsticks are set on every table.
  • If the place is full, just wait outside near the door of right side of Little Hong Kong and eyeball an attendant, usually they stop and ask you how many people in your group, say the number quickly.  If you’re the person the attendant talked to, don’t go away for a stroll as you are the one the attendant remembers.
  • If the place is quiet, just choose any table you want, whether it’s outside or inside the shop.
  • I recommend ordering everything at the same time.  This is not fine dining, people.  It’s a place where you order quickly and eat.
  • Once your group has finished eating, take a mental note of your table number and pay inside the shop.
  • If  you’re unable to finish your meal, you can ask for a takeaway container and plastic bag.  It’s your role to put the food yourself in the container.
  • If you have small kids, make them seat away from the passage ways preferably next to a wall or just make sure they are not walking everywhere to avoid accidents.
  • Request for your receipt as human error does occur and it happens, specially when it is busy.  I usually take a mental note on how much the dishes we have ordered and compares it with the final bill.


OPENING HOURS:       Mon - Thurs 10AM till 12:30AM

                                               Fri - Sat 10AM till 1AM

                                     Sun (including Public Holidays) - 10AM till 12:30AM


LOCATION:    Shop 23A Market Square Shopping Centre
                             Cnr Mains Road & McCullough Street
                             Sunnybank  QLD  4109     TEL: 07 3344 1177

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  1. I want to eat that crispy pork belly rice, it should be yummy.


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