One of my all time favourite seafood dish is Adobong Pusit (Squid Adobo).  I happen to spot some baby squids in Inala and can’t resist on making Squid Adobo.  The baby squids were just a bit bigger than my thumb and it was a killer cleaning them out, removing the mouth and guts, taking out carefully the ink sacs (very important for the broth).  Took me awhile just cleaning a small bowl of baby squids but it reminds me of the small fresh squids that my “Lola C” (grandmother) cooks in Navotas were I spent most of my elementary school vacations.  I remember fondly, seafood vendors that drop by in my Lola C’s Sari-sari Store, offering freshly caught assorted seafood stored in their plastic buckets, sometimes I get lucky and get the chance to observe live fish swimming in a bucket before it becomes our lunch for that day.

ADOBO PUSIT (Squid Adobo)


Baked Tahong (Baked Mussels) is a regular dish every time we celebrate someone’s birthday in the TRIBE.  I usually buy those New Zealand frozen cleaned half shelled mussels for this recipe but during the Easter Holidays I ventured out to the Australian uncleaned variety, which I explained how I cleaned these yummy morsels in my Deep Fried Battered Mussels post. 

Busog! Sarap! BAKED TAHONG (Baked Mussels)

Assorted Polvorons© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010



Kulinarya’s theme for the month of April 2010 is POLVORON.



Polvoron (Pulvoron/Pulboron/Pulburon), is a sweet moulded treat that consist of toasted flour, margarine or butter, sugar and powdered milk. The flavours that are on offer nowadays are extensive, to name a few add on ingredients……pinipig (toasted pounded young rice), different nuts, cookies, cereals and Milo.   I’ve seen some pictures of Polvorons that are coated in white or dark chocolate, personally I haven’t tasted those kinds yet but they look delicious!


During the long Easter Holiday period, we had the chance to go to our two favourite seafood places, Fish Factory and Raptis.    Because they are only a few blocks away from each other we had the time to compare prices before buying our items.  We bought some octopus, uncleaned mussels, banana prawns, cooked Moreton bay bugs, a dozen Sydney oysters, marinara mix and salmon pieces.  The Moreton bay bugs and oysters, Mr. H and Miss M ate that evening with some vinegar dip, they love those stuff (I don’t particularly like eating raw oysters, I get goose bumps on the back of my neck every time I eat them!).  The rest of the seafood I have cooked one by one during that Easter weekend.  I’ll be posting the recipes I’ve used during this coming 2 weeks (I’m giving myself a deadline…LOL!).


Red onion & garlic vinegar dipping sauce© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

This Red Onion & Garlic Vinegar Dipping Sauce is great with deep fried seafood and marinated pork or beef.



Ensaladang Talong (Filipino Eggplant Salsa) is always good as a side dish for grilled  or fried fish/meat dishes.  This Filipino side dish recipe varies, as you know Philippines is made up of different regions, all this regions have different take on ingredients.  In Laguna, my relatives make this with soy sauce or vinegar with a squeeze of calamansi and the eggplants are grilled over charcoal.  In Navotas, this side dish is mixed with fish sauce and eggplants can be either boiled or grilled.  What ever the sauce, the main components must be there, shredded eggplant flesh, tomatoes and onions to be called Ensaladang Talong.

Tortang talong intro© BUSOG! SARAP! 2010

Eggplants are my favourite in the vegetable kingdom, give me fried slices of eggplant and a fish sauce/calamansi or lemon juice dipping sauce, with steamed rice and I’m in 7th heaven.  I had this crazy craving for fried eggplants with fish sauce during my first pregnancy (Miss M).  I was so addicted to it that my Mom told me if I eat too much my baby will have purple spots all over its body.  But of course, Miss M didn’t have any purple spots….it’s just an old Filipino wives' tale that if you eat certain things when you’re pregnant, in the end your baby will resemble it in some ways.

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