Kulinarya’s theme for the month of October 2010 is SUMAN (Steamed Sticky Rice Wrapped In Banana Leaf).


Suman (Steamed Sweet Sticky Rice Rolls) are totally different from the sticky rice kakanin (native dessert/snack) that are baked or steamed in pans lined up with banana leaves and have a sweet glaze topping.  You can tell Suman from it’s casing of banana leaves or young coconut leaves.  They can be in cylindrical, square or triangular forms.  Different regions in the Philippines offers their own take on Suman.  Some even use grated cassava and millet seeds to make their Suman.

SUMAN (Steamed Sweet Sticky Rice Rolls)

Mr. Adventurous celebrated his 4th Birthday a couple of weeks ago, and time flies so fast… my once chubby baby with rosy plump cheeks is now a little man, bursting with energy and eager to do things in his own little way.  He tries to wiggle his way out whenever I gather him in my arms and shower him with kisses but still sleeps in his little bed next to ours holding my hand.  From the moment he’s wide awake in the morning till he fall asleep at night, he won’t sit still even for a minute except of course if he finds the DVD movie currently playing engrossing!  He’s the self appointed noisy maker in the TRIBE….full of imagination and mischief and Mr. H have to admit, Mr. Adventurous got it from me but 2x up the notch.

Mr. Adventurous turns 4…….


Lately, the TRIBE’s choice of dessert is Almond Jelly with Fruit Salad (Canned).  I’m always left with the syrup/juice from the Fruit Salad and can’t bear to throw it away, so I freeze them in takeaway containers for future use.  As I browse on the internet, I happen to find recipes of Pata Hamonado using different kinds of syrups/juice from canned fruits.  I usually use Pineapple Juice for Hamonado but feeling adventurous last week, I’ve defrosted my spare big pork hock and Fruit Salad syrup/juice for this recipe.

PATA HAMONADO (Sticky Sweet Pork Hock)

It’s been almost been almost 2 months now since my update on my Kitchen Aid misfortune…KitchenAid Saga Part 1 and now, you might either laugh or cry at/with me!  I don’t know why it has to happen to me twice but it did….I think pictures can say a thousand words than me typing negative “underwear falling”  descriptive words how unlucky I am, so see for yourself...


The TRIBE went to Fortitude Valley a couple of Saturdays ago, to visit Best Friends Supermarket (Filipino Groceries) for much needed Filipino ingredients.  We only go to Fortitude Valley when I really need to replenish my pantry cupboard, as the parking on weekdays or weekend can be so expensive.  That’s the main reason why I love Sunnybank and Inala, you can forget the time while browsing, as you don’t have to worry about how much they’ll $ slap you in parking when you go home because it’s free.

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