Monday, January 11, 2010

LONGSILOG - (Longganisa, Sinangag at Itlog)


Longsilog (Filipino pork sausage, Garlic Fried Rice and Fried Egg), in my opinion is the best from all the Silogs.  Serve this Filipino combo meal, 3x a day and I won’t complain, that’s how much I love Longsilog.

There are many versions of longganisa (Filipino pork sausages), some contains oregano and other spices, there are the ones that are savoury and sweet, and that’s the ones I like.  The longganisa that is savoury and sweet are famously produced in Pampanga region in the Philippines along with tocino.  Mr. H prefers the Ilocos Norte region version, I find it more mature in taste and doesn’t have that self saucing syrup at the end of the cooking process.  And another thing about longganisa, it has tons and tons of garlic, so for the newbies out there who’s game to try this sausages…prepare yourself on garlic infused burps.

Pork is the main meat ingredient in making longganisa but other people use beef or chicken.  Ingredients of a standard pork longganisa consist of garlic, pork mince, small chunks of pork fat, sugar, soy sauce, salt, vinegar and ground pepper.

If I don’t have time to do the Garlic Fried Rice, I just add scoops of newly steamed rice on the left over sauce in the pan after cooking the longganisa and mix it thoroughly.  I guarantee you, this is another delicious way to flavour your rice.



1/2 kg longganisa

1/2 cup water

Fried Egg

Garlic Fried Rice



~ Defrost your longganisa the night before inside the fridge.  Cut the links between the sausages and prick little holes around the sausages.


~ Place longganisa and water inside a saucepan and bring to boil.  Let it simmer in medium heat and stir occasionally for even cooking of the sausages.  Once the water is just covering the bottom of the saucepan, lower the heat into low.


~ Let the water fully evaporate completely, the longganisa will produce its own sauce and oil.  Don’t leave the stove at this final stage as you have to stir the sausage often to prevent burning them.  Cook till the sausages are covered with the thick syrupy sauce and parts of the longganisa have that fried bits, as shown in above picture.

~ Arrange your plate with Garlic Fried Rice first, then put Fried Egg on side and 2-3 pieces of longganisa next to it.


BEST WITH:  Atchara (pickled green pawpaw/papaya), UFC Banana Ketchup, Sawsawang Pipino, Sukang Iloco with Red Onion & Garlic, Chili & Garlic Vinegar Dipping Sauce, Red onion & Garlic Vinegar Dipping Sauce.


  • I recommend to cook your longganisa on the lowest heat possible when the water has completely evaporated as the syrup easily burns.
  • You can buy frozen longganisa in any of the Filipino grocery stores in Brisbane.  Chinese shops also offer similar looking sausages in their frozen sections, but I haven’t tried them yet.
  • For individual recipes for Garlic Fried Rice and Fried Egg, please click the words at the ingredients section.


  1. One of the best breakfasts EVER!

  2. Gud am! Just wondering if u can share us ur longganisa recipe in this post. Thnx!

  3. @Anonymous~ Sorry, this particular longganisa in the pics belongs to my catering hobby. Will definitely post a recipe (another version) in the future...still adjusting the taste=)

  4. where can i buy this in brisbane or do you have restaurant here in brisbane?

  5. @markpaul ~ you can buy longganisa in Best Friends in the Valley, but if you want the ones in the pic....they're are my own creations =) If you leave around Carindale, email me at cusinera(at)busogsarap(dot)com


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